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Smart Emergency Alarm - For personal security

Technology Overview

Smart Emergency Alarm is a solution for personal safety for everyone.

You can send SOS with a simple action by your smartphone to your family and city guards. The app transmits real-time video/audio/location information to the pre-registered recipients. Then you’ll be saved by a quick response securing golden time from crime, violence, accidents, disasters.

It consists of mobile apps (Android/iOS) and the web control center (SaaS/On-premise, every browser).

This solution can be used for local government for crime prevention and smart city project, or hospitals, hotels, insurance companies, industrial sites. Everywhere the emergency happens often, and need to quickly respond to save wound people.

Patents are registered in Korea, USA, Japan, China. Patent application is pending for Vietnam.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

1. Personal safety app for my family!

Be a safety guard for your family members, who are vulnerable to safety and easily in danger, such as teenagers/ working moms/ the demented.

This is a life-saving system that secures the golden time even in the CCTV blind spot!!

2. SOS - Emergency Call

In case of disasters/crimes/accidents, you can quickly call your family member connected in advance.

After receiving the call, your Recipient views real-time video and location info, then can respond fast and properly by understanding your situation.

With internet connection, your family can protect you anytime, anywhere.

3. Instant Call on Lock Screen

Floating SOS Widget – it always appears on screen of smart device, even on lock screen, and can be positioned randomly.

If you activate shaking (5 times) and screaming, the app also detects the signal on lock screen.

4. SafeReturn

When you set the desired destination and start ‘SafeReturn’, your Recipient can check your itinerary.

Recipient will view your location info delivered every 30 secs, expected arrival, and if you’re on correct way.

Please keep the loved one's way home safe !!

5. Security

To secure your mobile, there are 'App lock' to freely lock the downloaded apps, and ‘File lock’ to encrypt the important files in the mobile.

It reduces the worry of exposure to harmful info when your child uses a smart device.

‘File lock’ can prevent hacking and ransomware.

Potential Applications

We are looking for active business partners that can help us to enter Singaporean market, support technically in local place.

  • Business Partners: Cooperation in development or technology transfer
  • Reseller / Distributor: Sales of the products directly to customers in local market. (ie) SI companies, IT Sales agents especially for mobile apps, etc.
  • Clients Company: Financial institutions, Companies who has customers local governments, Telecom carriers, etc.

Customer Benefit

  • We all need the mobile safety service for not only kids but also whole family
    • The adolescent, the elderly, Patients with chronic disease
    • Safety check and location sharing with close friends
  • Offering the safety app service without dedicated IoT devices
  • Consistent with social values pursuing public safety
    • Maximize safe city experience to citizen
    • [Crime prevention] Provide psychological protection to the vulnerable women to crime, impose pressure on criminals
  • B2B service
    • For carriers, increase their brand credibility and network stability by offering personal “Safety” service on 5G by providing SOS app to their own customers.
  • B2G service
    • Integrated in CCTV control center of local governments
    • Integrated in rescue center like the police or fire station
Contact Person

Kang Helen


Ahranta Inc

Technology Category

  • Infocomm
  • Networks & Communications, Smart Cities

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Personal safety, Safety-net for family, SOS, Location sharing, Quick response in an emergency, Live video, etc.