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IoT Smart Farm Management System for Aquaculture

Technology Overview

This technology offer presents an Internet of Things (IoT) based Smart Farm Management System to increase aquaculture farming efficiency through digitalisation and automation. The system constantly monitors key water quality parameters and automates operations, like the demand-driven automated control of aerator motors and pumps, in shrimp and fish farms.

It consists of the Controller with attached sensors to monitor and control, a sophisticated cloud infrastructure for long-term data storage and analytics, as well as native apps for Android and iOS as the interface to the customer. The Controller acts as its own smart internet gateway and can monitor and control multiple ponds. It is built in a comprehensive way to allow for over-the-air updates and connecting of additional extension products.

Through the user-friendly App, farmers can remotely monitor their water quality and operate connected devices as well as gain insights and knowledge for higher productivity and lower costs. for substantially lower production costs, higher productivity, and risk management.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The Smart Farm Management System offers the unique combination of industrial design, built-in flexibility and at the same time affordability that the Asian aquaculture industry is in need for.

The features of this technology are:

  • Easy integration into existing farm infrastructure, as well as possibility to integrate additional off-the-shelf water quality sensors via standard protocols
  • IoT gateway with over-the-air updateability and with an abundance of computing power for
  • additional future applications
  • Real-time insights into the farms water quality
  • Alert notifications through mobile apps
  • Automation and control of any electric device from small LEDs to 10HP compressor motors
  • Economic Controlling tools for farm owners to assess the current crop’s performance

Potential Applications

This technology is currently mostly used by shrimp farms in Southeast Asia. It can also be used by any other aquaculture farm for water quality monitoring and automation of electric components like motors, pumps and light. The user has an array of possibilities to have the system work based on his/her individual preferences.

Outside of aquaculture, the application of this Tech Offer could be in any industry where water is monitored e.g., the process or the (waste) water industry.

Customer Benefit

There are four main customer benefits of using this technology:

  • Risk management by constant monitoring of key water quality parameters as well as alert notifications in case of deviation from the optimum through mobile apps
  • Energy and therefore cost savings by demand-based automation of the use of connected electric components like aerator motors and pumps by up to 50%
  • Increase in productivity due to more transparency, deeper insights and better control of the farm’s operations
  • More comfort for the farmer and better reliability by automating manual tasks and remote monitoring and control
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