MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: Preserving the Space Domain

Thursday, 23 September 2021

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm EDt

MITRE presents a new speaker series examining issues at the intersection of science & technology and policy, with forward-looking conversations tackling the hardest problems our nation is facing in cyber, telecommunications, health informatics, and more. Join government, industry, and academic leaders, along with MITRE Visiting Fellows as we recharge at the end of the day and power up the next big idea.

MITRE Grand Challenges Power Hour: Preserving the Space Domain

At a time when the number of entrants to space and the range of activities are evolving at an unprecedented rate, the industry lacks an internationally accepted and effective space traffic management governance construct to guide space activities. Developing a common framework is highly dependent upon not only understanding the complex technical aspects of space operations, but also the political, economic, and security considerations across numerous government and industry stakeholders. How do we ensure accountability for space traffic safety? How do we break through information siloes to identify and mitigate global space domains risks? 



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