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Standard in Carbon Footprinting

Technology Overview

We offer the standard in carbon footprinting. With our SAAS platform shippers, carriers and governmental oganizations can get clear insights in the CO2 emissions driven by logistical activities at the lowest level of detail. The platform does not only provide great insights, but it also offers unique ways to optimize the CO2 footprint by our superb visualization and scenario functionality.

Besides CO2 calculation using the latest and best CO2 calculation methods available, allocation and reporting the SAAS platform uniquely offers a data sharing functionality to enable easy cooperation in the Supply Chain. Users can share CO2 values per shipment automatically with their clients, suppliers or headquarters.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Although we offer the highest data security standards and the user is in full control over his own data (the owners of the SAAS platform do not have access to the user’s data), we offer unique technologies like:

  • Data sharing amongst your supply chain partners
  • Benchmarking yourselves with your peer companies, using the SAAS platform
  • On the spot scenario functionality offering you the ability to check which actions have most impact on your CO2 footprint
  • Best in class visualization
  • Best in class data collection support to companies with different levels of data maturity
  • CO2 pricing
  • Neutral positioning with regards to CO2 calculation methods. We support them all or we can add them if new ones pop up. We offer certified calculation methods and/or are in process of achieving more certifications
  • API connections with other systems like TMS (Transport Management Systems), visibility platforms and ERP systems

Potential Applications

  • Calculating, allocating, pricing and reporting of Green House Gas emissions like CO2 in logistics
  • For all modalities, like road, air, sea, barge transport (including multi-modality) and all types of logistic flows like parcel, pallet, LTL, FTL, Bulk
  • For regions, governmental organizations and industry groups we offer a unique separate app to show emissions in a certain area or industry. Generated by using Metadata and other local data sources
  • Given the climate challenges we all face we expect all shippers and carriers need to have the ability to calculate, report and price emissions in the future. So the market potential is global and huge

Customer Benefit

  • Knowing your current CO2 footprint in logistics and get insights in which actions to take to improve towards a more sustainable logistics
  • Generate reports that are in line with industry standards, are certified and therefore can be used for reporting to supply chain partners (customers, suppliers) or governmental organizations
  • We offer a very short ROI:
  1. Immediate insights in ways to improve (and very often reducing CO2 goes hand in hand with reducing fuel costs)
  2. We ensure we follow the latest regulations for you, making your lives easy and reduce organizational investments to follow the complex emission expertise
  3. By using our tool in your supply chain, you overcome the operational challenge having to use multiple systems to report to your supply chain partners
  4. While working on getting an ISAE 3000 certification (in progress) we overcome expensive costs for accountants to calculate official CO2 reports for you in reporting to others (customers, suppliers, governmental organizations)
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Jack Pool


BigMile BV

Technology Category

  • Environment, Clean Air/Water
  • Monitoring System & Sensor
  • Logistics
  • Delivery & Distribution, Transportation

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CO2, sustainability, CO2 pricing, CO2 reporting