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Move Together Platform

Technology Overview

This platform measures all mobility of the individual user and visualizes in various ways distances travelled, the travel times, the carbon footprint produced, and all transport modes used. It also shows all the routes taken and the multi-modal travel chains.

The platform includes a possibility to join different communities and share some part of the mobility data with the community. Communities can be set up for different user groups, organizations and purposes and the shared data can be differentiated. Communities can act as links to external data sources and services and enable data fusion and providing value to the user.

We are looking for partners to deliver services using our platform in their regions or countries.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our platform includes a set of algorithms based on patented technology for transport mode discovery. Smartphone sensors (for example accelerometer and gyroscope) are used for the transport mode recognition on the phone itself. Product owner also has a wide set of unique ground truth movement data and a data collection platform to develop new models with new modalities.

The platform itself provides the application (cloud for managing the user information and collected data) and white label mobile applications for Android and iOS environments.

The technology can be provided via the platform or embedded into customer’s existing mobile applications.

Our core technology for this platform is originally developed at the University of Helsinki and patented worldwide.

Potential Applications

Application possibilities includes for example travel chain data with transport modes can be used for travel guides, MaaS applications, ticketless travelling, building personal movement carbon footprints and generally in all mobility behavior analysis purposes.

Customer Benefit

This platform has a business model, where individual usage is free, and communities are paid by the companies and cities. Also collected big data can be used for smart city planning and forecasting.

Partners could operate the platform locally by offering localization services and selling the campaigns to companies, and big data to cities and property developers. Partners can optionally also offer consumer level in-app purchase options.

Contact Person

Petri Martikainen



Technology Category

  • Infocomm
  • Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Visualisation, Mobility, Smart Cities

Technology Readiness Level


Personal Carbon Footprint, Sustainability, multimodal, transport mode