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REHABOO! Cloud based AI Exercise Games #FightInactivity

Technology Overview

Rehaboo! Exercise Games are software applications (Software as a Service, SaaS) for laptops and mobile devices with camera, enabling player’s body becoming the game controller.

Rehaboo! is solving the inactivity problem, for three main target audiences: Physical rehabilitation patients, activation for the elderly at care homes and prevention for the working adults at workplaces (including remote workers)

Rehaboo! is looking for Investments (we are on a seed round), Resellers, Co-developers and direct customers from the specified segments.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Unique Rehaboo! Active AI algorithms running in the cloud enable accurate motion sensing for standard webcams. Camera captures the motion of the player as the game controller. No wearables are needed. The webcam video stream is analyzed in real time in the AWS NVIDIA cloud and the resulting motion data is returned to the game in real time. The motion sensing is available on any mobile device, laptop, tablet or phone, or with a totem setup (larger screen, often portrait mode)

Potential Applications

Rehaboo! Active fights inactivity with Exercise Games with real time motion sensing for any device, based on cloud based AI and professional physical therapy.

Games for workplace power breaks (including remote workers), professional rehabilitation for elderly at the care homes and living home alone, and for hospital patients, especially for remote exercising.

Customer Benefit

Healthcare: Activation at Care Homes, Rehabilitation for patients Passivation leads to lowered quality of life, cardiovascular and mobility problems. Lack of remote rehabilitation methods leads to inefficient recovery

Workplace: Prevention at offices, factories and for remote workers. Poor ergonomics and low social belonging causes physical and mental problems and low productivity

Contact Person

Peter Green



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  • Healthcare

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Exercise Games, Motion Sensing Games, Cloud base Artificial Intelligence