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Smart Treatment of Chronic Conditions

Technology Overview

Individuals with diabetes need to check their blood glucose values every single day, in some cases many times per day. It often means carrying a lot of equipment such as lancets for blood samples, blood glucose meters, medications, logbooks, and test strips that sometimes get forgotten. This means blood glucose may not be checked often enough, or medications may be skipped or not recorded properly. Poorly managed diabetes increases the costs of complications which contribute up to 80% of diabetes treatment. To avoid the complications caused by diabetes, it is important to keep blood glucose levels within the recommended range. Eating, exercise, medication, and stress – all of these and more impact blood glucose.

The offered technology combines product and service offering for taking blood samples, measuring blood glucose and monitoring values over time. With an in-built mobile connection that works globally, the device automatically logs and stores all treatment data. If a user is out of network range, the data is saved on the device and synced as soon as it comes back online. The goal is to provide clear insights into how lifestyle factors can affect blood glucose control, as the treatment data can be reviewed on the device itself or through the mobile app. Users can set targets and download treatment reports that provide a historical overview of blood glucose values. The technology can also reduce administrations as test strips and lancets are automatically resupplied before they run out.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Simplify. The technology is designed to minimize the number of actions needed for blood glucose control, as both sampling and measurement are performed with the same device. The technology can also reduce administrations as test strips and lancets are automatically resupplied before they run out.

Measure. This is a convenient way to measure blood glucose, intending to prevent both hypo- and hyperglycemia.

Save. The technology has its cellular connection, automatically syncing all treatment events with the mobile app. Meals, workouts and other events can also be tagged and saved.

Overview. Get a clear overview of blood glucose values through the device and the mobile app. The aim is to support users with insights into how lifestyle factors can impact blood glucose control.

Share. Users can download reports of all recorded treatment data. The aim is to make it easier to spot opportunities to improve blood glucose control.

Potential Applications

The connected device is complemented by a digital infrastructure, mobile apps and services for the analysis and sharing of data, personal feedback to encourage better compliance with the treatment and automatic refills of consumables to the user’s home. The solution is packaged as a comprehensive subscription service. The market scope is involving :

  • Patients. The technology offers solutions to people suffering from diabetes. It offers solutions to adults managing their daily diabetes themselves with consultations with doctors prescribing insulin or oral medication and providing healthcare.
  • Healthcare providers. The technology service improves remote healthcare provision. It enables healthcare providers to follow up with patients and see reports on their real-life treatment data. Telehealth providers are exciting as their offer to chronic disease patients with continuous care has high growth potential.
  • Government & research. The technology can potentially open further research from real-life data. It can potentially support decision-makers in improving medical services and health outcomes.

Customer Benefit

The device and mobile app benefits :

  • Connected & convenient. The world’s first unified diabetes care device with a cellular connection for remotely monitoring and treating diabetes.
  • Simplify daily care. Reduce the number of steps for daily diabetes care by 67 % (from 28 to 9 steps).
  • Improve patient adherence. Automatically logs and shares real-life data on blood glucose values and actual medicine doses – motivating patients to stay on track.
  • Easy-to-use smartphone app. Track medicine doses, blood glucose levels, target fulfillments, meals and exercise in one view with the mobile app.
  • Less administration for everyone. Remotely detects when test strips and lancets are running low – automatically supplying refills when needed.
  • Real-life data for demographic insights. Secure and compliant data collection for insights into diabetes treatment at the individual and broader populations.

The benefit of Sharing data reports :

  • Efficient treatment. Quickly evaluate a patient’s condition and identify those who require the most support.
  • Identify poor adherence. View historical data for different periods and easily detect recurring patterns and deviations. Address poor adherence before it becomes a bad habit.
  • Access to patient data. All blood glucose measurements, medicine doses, and notes are automatically saved on the patient’s device and in their mobile app. No prior technical knowledge or manual uploading of data is required.
  • Better quality data. Offers the key parameters for a smart diabetes-care solution.
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