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Self-cleaning Robust Industrial Microfilter

Technology Overview

Our innovative and one of its kind filtration technology addresses the pain points of industries with large water streams contaminated with small Total Suspended Solids (TSS) particles as small as 0.3 microns. The system uses ultrasound and pressurized air for self-cleaning. Furthermore, the microfiltration(MF) technology is well equipped with IoT features that enable remote monitoring and control.

This novel technology has been successfully deployed in the steel, mining, and oil & gas industries. We are looking opportunities to work on R&D and pilot projects within metals, mining and oil and gas industry. Furthermore, we are interested to collaborate with system integrators who would be our partners to bring this technology into the market.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

We have developed and patented an innovative self- cleaning micro filter which uses ultrasound and pressurized air for self-cleaning. Our technology is unlike existing filtration technologies available in the market, which are based on mechanical self-cleaning filters that do not go to low enough micron ranges. Unlike the labor and cost-intensive alternatives like bag or sand filters which are still widely used, our technology’s unique value proposition is its ability to self-clean with ultrasound and to remove fine particles efficiently, thereby saving money, time, labor and most importantly the environment.

As our technology does not require chemicals or regular cartridge filter replacement, the technology has lower operating cost. This microfiltration technique is capable to handle flow rates of more than 100 gallons per minute at 1 micron and TSS loadings of up to 1000 mg/L.

In addition, the sensor-based technology allows real time monitoring of data. The sensors measures diverse range of parameters in real-time. The real-time data tracking will allow our clients to monitor, optimize, and analyze data instantly.

Some of the unique features included:

  • 0.5 –100 micron filter elements
  • Advanced process control
  • Little to no operator attention
  • No moving parts on filter
  • From single skid to container builds
  • Adjust recirculation rates and handling varying feedwater
  • Lower OPEX
  • Remote monitoring and control

Potential Applications

Our technology has shown to be successful in the mining, oil and gas, and metal refineries such as steel. Our compact size filter is effective in filtering heavy industrial effluent. The market value of the technology is estimated to be USD 11.48 billion.

Customer Benefit

Water has become the most valuable commodity for the industries due to increasing water demand supply gap. Our aim is to help companies to minimize their environmental and water footprints by turning wastewater into valuable resource. Using our smart filtration technology firms can reduce their freshwater consumption. The MF technology is unbeatable because it does not require the use of chemicals or the regular replacement of cartridge filters, making the filters highly cost-effective.

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Shandra Pandey


Sofi Filtration

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  • Environment, Clean Air/Water

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