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Continuous Vitals Signs Monitoring Medical Wearable

Technology Overview

This technology is a medical-grade wearable sensor that continuously monitors vital-signs, detecting deterioration at the earliest moment and reducing the risk of conditions escalating.

The sensor continuously measures more vital-signs in a single unit than any other device as a Class 1 Medical device. Heart-Rate, Heart-Rate Variability, stress, Inter-beat Interval, SPO2, Respiration-Rate, Core-body temperature (not skin temp), step count, activity and indoor GPS location are continuously monitored.

The sensor incorporates many design features enhancing usability for both patients and healthcare providers and is designed to be used in hospitals and in patient’s homes post-discharge.

The sensor is designed to be used by patients living at home with chronic conditions such as heart or respiratory conditions. Calories burned, step-count and activity are also monitored allowing recovery to be assessed and measured and goals to be set.

The sensor also detects indoor Bluetooth beacons allowing data such as toilet frequency which can indicate urinary infections to be monitored and general mobility, social isolation and other factors which can surface mental health issues.

Smaller than a credit card, it also contains a panic alarm and is capable of fall detection and fall prediction through ‘near miss’ detection.

The sensor is self-contained requiring no infrastructure and is fully autonomous. It contains Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and a global cellular 4G modem and can be given to the patient on discharge or sent by post. No mobile phone or tablet is required, and no technician installation visit is needed.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

  • Worn on the upper arm, it removes the inaccuracies caused by motion seen in wrist-based devices. As it is also out of sight, most patients forget that they are wearing it.
  • All communication protocols such as 4G global cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5 and NFC are built into the device. It requires no additional infrastructure such as routers or hubs, mobile phones or tablets. A.I. and alerting is on the device so it will always work and is not reliant on network connectivity.
  • The sensor also incorporates the use of Bluetooth beacons in the home which allows behavioral data to be analyzed and which can surface mental health conditions such as depression, social isolation, and poor sleep quality. The beacons also record temperature, humidity and noise levels to ensure the patient environment is favorable to recovery.
  • 5 Day battery life with USB charging
  • IP 64 Showerproof
  • Full iOS and Android SDK

Potential Applications

The sensor can be used in a wide range of markets such as: -

  • Low-cost elderly care monitor.
  • Assisted Living monitor.
  • Elderly fall detection and prediction.
  • Private healthcare for policy holders to improve their health.
  • Care Home monitoring.
  • Post discharge monitor.
  • Long term chronic condition at home monitoring.
  • Pharma\Medical research & Study monitor.
  • Workforce Health Monitoring and improvement.
  • Workplace health and safety.
  • Military applications.
  • Sports applications.
  • COVID and other pandemic ‘hospital at home’ monitoring.

As populations globally are ageing, the need for monitoring both in hospitals and in homes will grow. According to a recent market report by McKinsey, the wellness and disease prevention market grew from $2.3bn in 2020 to a projected $6.6bn in 2025, at CAGR of 23%.

Customer Benefits

The technology is simple to apply and there are no installation costs. No digital skills are required. All the patient need to do is to wear it.

No Mobile or tablet needed.

Shortening of Hospital stays as patients can be monitored in their homes.

Patients can be monitored remotely and only need to be admitted if deterioration is detected.

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