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Pomelo Pectin and Fiber: A Versatile Modifier for Food Industry

Technology Overview

Food industry is facing many challenges due to the continued rise in the global population. With increased food consumption coupled with increasing health-conscious consumers, it is of paramount to address the demand for high quality and healthy food. Valorization of agricultural by-products is perceived as a potential approach to meet such sustainable food ingredient production. This invention involves the production of pectin and fiber, hereinafter referred to as cellulopectin, a promising side stream from pomelo peels. Both pectin and cellulopectin are very versatile ingredients that can be used as rheology modifiers, stabilizer, and fat replacer in a range of food products. We are open to license this technology or co-research to scale up into production level.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This invention allows both pomelo pectin and cellulopectin (fibre) to be used as rheology modifiers in a range of food products. Pomelo pectin provides good gel strength and is a good stabilizer in acidified food products. Cellulopectin serves as a fat replacer and structuring agent in the development of healthier food products.

Potential Applications

The Pomelo Pectin and Fiber is primary is a versatile rheology modifier for food industry. Some applications include Calcium-fortified acidified soymilk, Oil-free mayonnaise, Low-fat sponge cake (> 75% fat reduction) and Low sugar jam.

Customer Benefit

Valorization of agricultural by-products from pomelo peel into pectin and cellulopectionis a sustainable food ingredient production approach. These products offer food manufacturers to develop healthier products from plant sources and provides business opportunities to companies to license this technology or co-research for scaling up into industrial production level.

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Pomelo pectin, cellulopectin, food ingredient, rheology modifiers, stabilizer, fat replacer