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Aptamers with Specificity to Human Serum Albumin and Glycated Human Serum Albumin

Technology Overview

Aptamers are short single-stranded DNA or RNA oligonucleotides that have characteristics of high affinity and specificity to their targets. This makes them suitable proxies for detecting specific proteins. Their high affinity and specificity make aptamers ideal for various applications including disease diagnosis, therapeutics, delivery of therapeutics and biosensing. Aptamers operate similarly to antibodies, where they exhibit binding specificity to target molecules. However, aptamers are more stable and can be easily produced when compared to antibodies.

The patented technology comprises a screening and monitoring kit for diabetes mellitus. The kit leverages on the strengths of aptamers to effectively detect and measure Human Serum Albumin (HSA) and Glycated Human Serum Albumin (GHSA), both being biomarkers for diabetes mellitus.

The technology provider is seeking potential licensees including diagnostic laboratories and parties in the healthcare-related industry. Collaborative research on specific needs is also within the interests of the technology provider.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The advantages of this technology include :

  • No limitation in abnormalities of red blood cell/hemoglobin
  • Fasting is not required
  • Comparing to antibodies, the aptamers are cheaper, easier to make, and are highly stable for the maintenance
  • Comparing to other aptamers, test results show that the aptamers of this technology show high and outstanding performance in terms of its detection for HSA and GHSA.

Potential Applications

Aptamers binding to GHSA can be used to enhance or substitute other testing for diabetes. Although diabetes mellitus is a focus on this technology, the practical applications for these aptamers are far beyond than diabetes screening.

Aptamers binding to HSA and/or GHSA can serve as proxies for :

  • Detecting abnormal functions of the liver
  • Representing glycemic status
  • Predicting and monitoring diabetes mellitus-associated diseases including stroke, blindness, heart attack, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s disease

These aptamers also allow the possibility for drug development for other diseases.

Customer Benefit

  • An alternative means for diabetes screening and monitoring instead of the current finger-prick test or blood glucose test
  • Comparing to antibodies, the aptamers are cheaper, easier to make, and are highly stable for the maintenance.
  • Fasting is not required
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