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Toilet Monitoring for Safety and Cleaning Automation

Technology Overview

Most school bullying occurs in the toilet. These are often areas that the guardians and educators have challenges checking and monitoring at a frequent and regular interval.

This technology offer presents a non-camera, non-wearable IoT monitoring sensors, based on millimeter-wave (mm-wave) technology coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI), to monitor motion and trails and detect falls, fights or other aggressive behaviours in the toilets.

This solution monitors the motion, speed and direction of individuals in the toilet areas including each cubicle, giving full privacy to everyone while keeping track of the salient patterns to alert the guardian, facility managers and relevant stakeholders. Moreover, the sensor is designed in a discreet casing with the full privacy in mind so that they can be placed safely in the private space such as toilets and shower facilities.

The technology owner is currently seeking opportunities to partner with developers, contractors and facility managers who wish to customize the technology to bring their smart building initiatives to the next level. The technology owner also opens for and partnership with smart lighting, smart living and other IoT sensor providers to bundle up the solution.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The technology comprises our mm-wave sensor, which is tuned and programmed with algorithm on the edge, and communication module. It covers up to 5m with the coverage area of 34m2 to accurately locate people, pets, while studying their movement, behavioural patterns, and helps understand various possible incidental patterns.

With its 5G ready edge computing, the solution has the capability to identify if the person falls and sends alert to the stakeholders immediately without the need for active alarm system / button to be pressed. With our AI programme, the solution also studies the peak and non-peak usage pattern of the toilets at cubicle levels to assist facility managers and cleaning companies to optimise the cleaning, water conservation and other green building initiatives.

Potential Applications

The primary application area is in unmonitored toilets / shower facilities where falls and other incidents could happen, but timely help might not be available unless proactively notified.

The potential applications are vast, particularly in areas where privacy is important and camera solution is not suitable as well as where cloud storage, bandwidth and maintenance cost are a concern.

Customer Benefit

The benefits are invaluable:

  • Full privacy without the worry of having the camera footage being leaked or misused
  • Lower cost of cloud storage and bandwidth compared to camera-based solution
  • Timely help and intervention with both reactive and predictive alerts and notifications
  • Fall detection and anomaly pattern recognition and other defined behaviours.
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Nicole Yong


iSense-ASV Pte Ltd

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