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Distributed Secure Data Exchange for Government and Enterprise

Technology Overview

We offer a platform for distributed secure data exchange and interoperability. The platform is currently being used for government-wide data exchange in several parts of the world: Ukraine, Namibia, Benin, Aruba, Greenland etc. Enterprise use is rolled out in Japan.

This platform brings together data from organizations, information systems, and databases. It provides crucial components for interoperability and data exchange in a secure and standardized way. The platform allows service providers to retain control over their systems and data, yet making them a member of an infinitely scalable and decentralized data exchange network.

This platform is targeted at situations where several parties wish to establish a standardized communication channel that provides confidentiality, strong authentication and long-term proof value of the relayed messages. The model case for this situation is a governmental data exchange infrastructure. Here the communicating parties are governmental agencies, private companies and citizens who exchange data with each other by calling services (service-oriented architecture).

We are looking for partners from:

  • public sector, to advance the maturity of e-governance in their countries
  • private sector, to work on implementing interoperability and secure data exchange in government, such as consultancies, systems integrators etc.
  • enterprise, to implement enterprise-wide and enterprise-to-enterprise secure data exchange as a catalyst to digital transformation

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This platform brings a holistic approach to digital transformation in public sector and enterprise through data exchange, security, privacy, governance and implementation.

Data exchange:

  • Peer to peer mutually authenticated data exchange, no central intermediary
  • Decentralized architecture, relevant information is cached to avoid overloading of centralized services
  • Message signatures timestamped for long-term proof value
  • Service providers control releasing their data to the external parties
  • No added overhead for service consumption


  • Plug-in security without changing existing security solution of information systems.
  • Supports both private network and untrusted Internet
  • Mutually authenticated TLS used for all connections
  • RSA, ECC algorithms supported
  • Up to 4096 bit RSA keys


  • Distributed architecture protects the personal data -- no master database is created
  • Only communicating parties can access exchanged data
  • Access tracking for personal data
  • Users get overview of who has accessed their data and for what purpose
  • Consent-based access to personal data
  • Users can grant and revoke consent to member organizations for accessing their personal data


  • Strong identification of member organizations using trusted certification authority
  • Audit trail of all member and Governing Authority actions
  • Customizable dashboard for analytics and quick insight across all APIs consumed by this platform member organization
  • Analytics (requests, errors, latency) grouped by service consumer, service provider and API Endpoint
  • Service provider can control access to the APIs they offer


  • On premise, cloud, hybrid deployments
  • Based on open standards such as HTTP, TLS, XML, REST
  • Support for high availability and load balancing
  • Designed to require minimal changes in existing information systems

Potential Applications

This platform focuses on creating a standardized and secure channel of communication between independent parties (organizations or departments within a large enterprise).

The model case for this has been government and public sector. Currently UXP has been implemented in government use in 10+ countries around the world.

Other areas that this platform is currently being expanded into include energy, healthcare, banking and smart city.

Customer Benefit

For public sector:

We empower public sector decision makers in their digital governance and business transformation by providing competent guidance and secure technology based on our expertise in building up e-Estonia and other digital governance solutions

For private sector:

Using this platform, you can offer valuable services to your customers using even the most sensitive data, protected by our global experience in secure data exchange

For IT architects:

We advise IT experts/advisors/architects how to get data out of silos and to foster cooperation between institutions and empower them with secure data exchange technology

For vendors/integrators:

This platform helps IT vendors to integrate multiple organizations´ information systems using simple, robust and agile interoperability software and knowhow

This platform supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 16.

Contact Person

Kevin Tammearu



Technology Category

  • Healthcare
  • Telehealth, Medical Software & Imaging
  • Infocomm
  • Enterprise & Productivity, Healthcare ICT, Security & Privacy, Smart Cities

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interoperability, data exchange, e-governance, e-health, digital services, enterprise data exchange