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Natural Functional Material Agent For Enhancing Body Health as a Novel Food

Technology Overview

Naturally-derived functional materials are increasingly used in foods as food additives and functional ingredients. With the technology improvement in obtaining functional ingredients, the health benefits of food product developed has been improving as well. Food with such functional ingredients is able to help consumers address problems such as metabolic syndrome and the “3 Highs” (3H Care: Hypertension, Hyperglycemia and High Cholesterol) and so on.

Despite the discovery of so many functional raw materials in nature, we are not able to obtain the benefits from the food efficiently. The need for health foods with functional ingredients has led to consumer behavior change. Demand has increase. As a result, this consumer-driven demand stimulated the creation of this technology.

A start-up has developed this naturally-derived functional material, which when added during food production and together with the raw materials, it can enhance the health benefits expected. This proprietary complete-functional ingredient raw materials platform has entered South Korea food market since 2021.

In addition, this technology has shown a steady rise in Japan, Canada and around the world. This start-up supports the process of developing, screening of functional raw material variants to complete the creation of the complete functional ingredient in the food and hence speed up problem-solving across a wide range of applications.

This technology is available for licensing. Seeking partnerships with industry players via technology transfer, R&D collaboration or co-development.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

In various range of applications, the functional material agents used in foods are not able to deliver the health benefits. This technology suggests that its applications role of raw material and functional agents optimal formula for unmet needs amount functional materials as foods

  1. This technology can be adapted to improve food functional ability.
  2. Develop new functional ability formula for new product as functional food.

This formulation design technology can be used to make various new development food. It is expected that this new natural ingredient formulation will lead to new food’s trend market in health functional food, a strong benefit for the consumer.

Potential Applications

The European AD management market was US$1.8 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach US$2.8 billion in 2024. Currently, 10% market share is expected for the technology and can expand by over 20% to cover market adoption by users who traditionally do not use / have not received treatments for AD.

Potential applications:

This technology consists of health function foods and functional ingredients that enable fast and sustainable development of functional food for a wide range of industries including food, pharmaceutical food and cosmetics as compared to general food formula technology in the market.

It is estimated that this technology covers 10% potential market trend portion in health function food (7 trillion in Korean markets).

Customer Benefits

With this capability, the benefits could be:

  • Profitable development in a shorter time - increasing the speed of development
  • Development of innovative products can be accelerated with the increased likelihood of success.
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