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Radar-based Traffic Incident Detection System

Technology Overview

This technology offer is a radar-based real-time incident detection and monitoring system for preventing accidents and congestions on the road. It detects incidents using artificial intelligence (AI) object recognition, such as stopped vehicle, wrong way driving, accidents, fallen objects and pedestrians on the road, in all weather conditions.

The system provides the current traffic information to the administrator using graphical user interface (GUI) based software and sends this information to drivers in advance for accident avoidance.

In addition, it provides integrated control operation software that enables the road operation manager to flexibly monitor the detected road conditions in real time by individual items or in sections, and can automatically track and focus on obstacle locations in conjunction with a camera when an incident occurs.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

  • Covers up to 5-lanes-wide and 1km long.
  • Detects stopped vehicles, moving vehicles, obstacles, wrong way driving, their position and speed.
  • Tracks up to 128 vehicles simultaneously.
  • Detects pedestrians and animals in close distance.
  • Operates in all-weather and light conditions.
  • Provides GUI based software for administrator.
  • Gives alarms to administrators using a popup window or a sound.
  • Provides average speed and traffic volume in detection range.
  • Directs a PTZ camera toward incident position.
  • Provides safety messages based on ISO TC204 Standards using I2V communication
    (WAVE - Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment).

Potential Applications

Potential Applications:

  • Verification system for fallen objects/broken cars on the road
  • Verification system for road surface status
  • Verification system for wild animals and pedestrians
  • Road traffic measurement and speed enforcement system

Potential Collaborators:

  • Government transportation and intelligent transportation system (ITS) organisations
  • System Integration (SI) engineering enterprises specialising in ITS

Customer Benefit

  • This system detects road accidents in real time and provides information to the operator, enabling rapid response and reducing traffic congestion costs.
  • As each unit can detect up to 1km, it is more economical than other existing equipment.
  • Because it is operated in a small quantity compared to other products, maintenance costs are reduced
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