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Sensor-based Remote Contactless Monitoring of Elder Vitality

Technology Overview

There are several approaches in the market which can help to monitor vital signs and behaviour of elderly, including pressing life buttons, caregivers, various wearables with applications and reminders, video cameras. However, most of them cannot monitor health comprehensively and proactively.

This technology offer presents a platform of continuous remote contactless monitoring of vital parameters and behavior of elder and bedridden people. The system is able to provide timely medical care in case of seizures, falls, significant changes in vital signs. It is also able to trigger the alarm when people are too close to each other, solving social isolation problems.

The platform allows for several solution, including:

  • measure pulse and respiratory rate remotely from 3-4 m
  • predict approach of critical situations (e.g., loss of consciousness, falls, bedsores) in 10-15s
  • analyze day & night activities

B2B2G: senior homes, hospitals, hospices, neuropsychiatries, rehabilitation centers, palliative care homes, caregiver services

The technology owner is currently looking for

  • Potential partners to launch pilot and commercial projects
  • Technology partners to localize the product
  • Strategic partners
  • New business opportunities

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The platform consists of 2 components, which are micro radar sensors, and artificial intelligence for analysis and forecasting.
Sensors are installed on the walls inside the room and connected to Wi-Fi.
In case of critical situations, the system automatically alerts doctors, guardians and relatives.
Signals are sent to the web application for quick response.

The platform is developed based on precision radar, and AI algorithms based on fuzzy logic and analytical statistics.

Product Characteristics:

  1. 60GHz Short Range Devices (SRD):
    • Operating frequency range: 58.9 – 62.3 GHz
    • Mean power: < -4 dBm
    • Mean power spectral density: < 26 dBm/MHz
  2. The technology complies with basic standards for household device and about- medical one.
  3. Computing processes optimization, in which up to 90% of operations are now produced on board the radar.

Potential Applications

The system continuously monitors health and behavior of the vulnerable remotely, and transfer data quickly to the cared people for immediate help. The system can predict abnormal situations in 10-15 sec, so there is time to save people ’s lives.

The potential applications include

  • senior homes
  • hospitals
  • hospices
  • neuropsychiatric institutions
  • rehabilitation centers
  • palliative care homes
  • caregiver services


The solution is suitable to seniors aged 65 years old and above, and people with limited mobility globally.

The system can be further developed for

  • prevention of bedsores, vital parameters monitoring in nursing homes, cardiological and neurological departments
  • stress monitoring and infection warning system to be built into work chairs and wheelchairs
  • monitoring system for sleep check from babies to the elderly
  • monitoring of behavior and health in sanitary facilities of hospitals, office centers, fitness, clubs, etc.

Customer Benefit

Customer benefits include:

  • continuous remote and stressless monitoring of health and activity
  • non -wearable device
  • assurance of timely providing medical care in case of emergency
  • camera-free system, to protect for the privacy issue
  • analysis of day and night activities (apnea, insomnia), in which reports about patient’s hidden diseases with breathing issue will be generated
  • Reduction of COVID-19 spread by monitoring the social distancing

Cost-saving benefits include:

  • Relieving the burden on nurses and medical staff up to 30%
  • Minimizing physical contact of medical staff with patients to avoid HAI (Healthcare-associated infections)
  • Detecting of health deterioration in advance of visible symptoms and save lives (accuracy up to 99%)

Social benefits:

  • Prolong life of elders and vulnerable people
  • Improve quality of life
  • Decrease of post fall mortality
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