Foodchain S.p.A.

Founded in 2016, Foodchain S.p.A. is an Italian leading technology provider in the field of digital innovation with international reach. We specialise in digitisation of systems combining software and hardware skills, with years of proven experience in fields such as Food, Textile, Energy, Education and Public Administration. We harness the power of emerging technologies such as Blockchain technology and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to build innovative business models and solutions according to requirements and in compliance with data privacy standards. Today we provide our services to businesses, institutions and organisations of any size across the industry.

Our Technology Offers

Blockchain Application for Supply Chain Traceability

This technology offer is a blockchain-based platform, for B2B and B2C data management and traceability of information along supply chains. It allow users to address problems such as product counterfeiting, frauds and supply chain fragmentation.

The technology is a dedicated web-based decentralized application (DApp), and access to the service is provided on a cloud model over the internet to allow companies of any size, including SMEs, to easily onboard.

This "plug-and-play" technology allows immediate deployment and enables users to employ a reliable and cost-effective digital tool to communicate transparency and visibility along supply chains, from the origin of products to final consumers.

Developer Toolkit for Blockchain Decentralized Applications

Collection of software development tools provided in an installable package to enable the development of blockchain-based decentralized applications (DApps).

This toolkit includes access to software parts and supply of technical documentation and to enable developers to create new decentralized business models and address problems related to integrity and quality of data.

This technology allows to build custom blockchain-based applications from scratch or integrate legacy systems, ERPs, devices and machines with blockchain technology to establish a digital ecosystem in which authenticity and integrity of information in ensured.

Our toolkit provides the tools to build solutions for organizations in any sector, from agribusinesses to public administrations.