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Portable Roaster with LPG Ember Heating & Data Recorder

Technology Overview

  • The technology is a small-scale coffee roaster machine (1-2 kg capacity) of is equipped with an automatic data recorder, aim to simplify routine operations according to the desired roasting profile. The roasting time is shortened to 15 minutes/batch with low electric consumption when using LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) fuel for it is an indirect heating system with ceramics.
  • Equipped with a sensor (probe/ thermocouple) to record data and monitor the temperature during the coffee roasting process to evaluate and replicate the data for the next roasting process.
  • The machine is equipped with a monitoring screen to monitor the temperature of the hot air in the drum and coffee beans, timing, level of maturity after roasting (Agstron Colour scale).
  • This technology is usually found in large-scale machine (>7kg) but the company has made it work on café coffee roasters.
  • Looking for an industrial partner who will buy a license for this roaster innovation product.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The coffee roaster is equipped with an automatic system consisting of:

  • a funnel that serves to put rice coffee
  • drive motor to drive the drum and cooler
  • blower to blow air
  • drum for putting roasted rice coffee
  • heater to heat drum
  • a cooler that serves to cool the roasted coffee
  • cooling bath stirrer for stirring the sangria coffee
  • a switch that functions to turn on and turn on the driving motor, blower and temperature regulation system
  • temperature display to display the temperature during the roasting process
  • coffee sampler that serves to take samples of roasted coffee
  • drum door for dispensing roasted coffee
  • a coffee roasting funnel that serves to remove the roasted coffee after it has cooled down
  • air duct that serves to dissipate hot air from the drum to the environment
  • air duct seal that serves to insulate the air in the drum before it is released out
  • insulator for the input funnel that serves to input rice coffee
  • insulator for the cooling tub air duct which serves to channel air for the cooling process of roasted coffee in the cooling tub
  • lamps to illuminate the roasted coffee sampled

Potential Applications

  • This technology is applied to the small and medium scale food industry
  • This technology offers fresh roasted the coffee and address so café don’t have to stock roasted coffee as the demand for coffee drinker increase.
  • The value proposition of the technology lies in it being low cost and easy to maintain
  • Industry application: Enables a wide range of applications in the cafe coffee industrial sector

Customer Benefit

This novel technology offers the following benefits:

  • Small size roaster saves investment cost and easy to operate
  • Affordable: It uses very few parts, electrical components are minimum (if any). The result is a low cost, low maintenance system.
  • Versatile: It can work with low cost energy of LPG
  • Minimal of low power consumption of electricity
  • Roasted record data can be reused in the future
  • Scalable: Possibility to become large scale technology.
Contact Person

Pradhini Digdoyo


BRIN (Sustainable Food and Nutrition)

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  • Foods
  • Processes

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Coffee bean, roaster, heating