Whether in the air, land, sea, space or cyber worlds, new threats are constantly emerging, putting security, safety and resilience in jeopardy. But new technology advances and services are rising to provide solutions that can protect your critical assets. These new technologies are expanding the opportunities to enhance and advance horizons for aviation, space, and battlespace systems to beyond the challenges.

Our virtual event consists of leading technology and cybersecurity experts discussing the challenges facing your company, organization or service and introduce new and innovative solutions to advance more secure and safer performance.

Attend three compelling expert discussion panels to expand your organization’s capabilities.
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Cybersecurity Challenges for Space Systems: What are They and How to Overcome Them?

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As space programs rely more on new technologies, open solutions and network connections, cybersecurity threats are becoming a daily concern. Threats and attacks such as SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, and Blindside demonstrate the cybersecurity challenges facing broad array of organizations, as well as space systems. What are the latest cybersecurity threats to space and satellite systems? What technologies, tools and system development processes can help overcome these cybersecurity challenges?


Overcoming Safety Certification Challenges for Aviation Systems with DevSecOps and Simulation Methods

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Obtaining safety certification is one of the most time-consuming and expensive parts of developing or updating aviation systems. Ensuring that a system meets safety requirements for RTCA DO-178C, EUROCAE ED-12C, RTCA DO-254, EUROCAE ED-80, RTCA DO-297, and EUROCAE ED-124 requires building to the standards, using certified products, testing and providing artifacts to prove compliance. These challenges can take months and years to complete. How can new developer methods and tools in a DevSecOps process and using simulation technology save and organize time, resources and cost? What are ways an aviation systems provider can get their systems to be certified, accepted and to market faster?


Cloud Computing at the Battlespace Edge: New Capabilities Emerge

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With advances in technology, the battlefield has expanded beyond previous definition and now has become the “battlespace” as the cyber environment and potentially outer space have become the new battle’s edge. With this evolution, new capabilities are needed and have emerged, cloud computing being one of them. It is imperative that military systems can be operated and updated at the battlespace edge as well as rapidly interchange data and software instructions via protected communication networks. Additionally, systems will provide valuable edge data to be transferred between the battlespace edge and military command centers. How will cloud computing bring new capabilities to the battlespace edge to help enable more valuable data, more actionable insights and faster, more intelligent, secure and reliable actions to be implemented for successful results?



  • Mark Holmes, Editorial Director, Via Satellite
  • Adam Fraser, COO, Star Lab Corp
  • Walter Everetts, Vice President, Space and Ground Services, Iridium
  • Vinit Duggal, CISO, Intelsat
  • Woodrow Bellamy, Associate Editor, Avionics International
  • Alex Wilson, Director, Aerospace and Defense Solutions, Wind River
  • Danni Lupisella, Associate Director Cyber Engineering, Raytheon
  • Calvin Biesecker, Reporter, Defense Daily
  • Craig Griffin, Solutions Architect, Wind River 



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