UC Entrepreneurship Academy

September 14, 2021–September 17, 2021


Your ideas, your opportunity.

Gain the knowledge and networks to identify, develop and validate the market potential of your research or idea—to successfully move it out into the world.


The UC Entrepreneurship Academy is designed for UC Davis upper-division undergrads, graduate students, postdocs, faculty and researchers in all academic fields. Come prepared to engage and grow through discussions, teamwork—and the energy and experience of meeting fellow Aggie Innovators from across campus. 


Please note: The academy will meet online as a Zoom webinar. There is no charge for UC Davis participants to attend the academy. We accept non-UC Davis participants by invitation only.

Veterinarians operating on a burned bobcat.
"Sometimes, entrepreneurs think they have a great product. The academy taught me that it is important to make sure that my product is aligned with and serves a real need in society."

—MWAURA LIVINGSTONE NGANGA | Ph.D. Candidate | Plant Biology

Business Development Fellow, UC Davis Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship '19/20

The academy offers:

  • An opportunity to explore and communicate the market opportunities of your research or idea.
  • Learn how to address the technical, business and market validation of your idea.
  • Lectures, discussions and interactive activities led by UC Davis faculty and leading investors, industry executives and entrepreneurs.
  • Mentoring sessions to focus your approach and hone your pitch.
  • The chance to develop a network of professionals who can help mentor and connect you as you move forward with your career or new venture.


Prepare to innovate.

Get Started

  • Many pathways to innovation | The power of the network.
  • Making the leap—from lab to market, from research to business.
  • Reducing uncertainty around your idea.
  • Crafting your elevator pitch.

Validate Your Ideas

  • Market, business and technology validation.
  • Putting together a pitch deck as your living, evolving business plan.
  • Engaging with mentors.
  • Avoiding legal pitfalls.
Woman doctoral student in her lab.

Maintain Momentum

  • Mapping and building your network to succeed. 
  • Growing your team, seeking resources, setting milestones.
  • Discover new opportunities and next steps—on campus and beyond. 





Connect with Aggie Innovators from across campus who want to grow their entrepreneurial mindset—and bring their innovation to market.





Develop a network of established entrepreneurs and professionals in diverse fields who can help you move forward with your new venture.






Meet one-on-one in a virtual speed-dating format with industry experts, who help you focus your approach and hone your pitch.





Interactive workshops, rich panel discussions and more provide a solid foundation to help you commercialize your research.

Learn from the Leaders.

headshot of man executive

Gurkern Sufi

Ravata Solutions 

Path Forward Panel

Headshot of a woman

Vanessa Errecarte

Marketing Simplified

Market Validation

Headshot of a man.

Justin Siegel

UC Davis Innovation Institute for Food and Health

Plenary Pitch Panel 

Headshot of a woman

Vicky Lee


Intellectual Property

Be inspired.

Veterinarians operating on a burned bobcat.
"Entrepreneurship is a mindset, or a transferrable skill, that can improve all existing practices, including our own lives. I learned that facing and reducing uncertainties efficiently and effectively at each step is key to ongoing development."

—IPEK T. BAHCECI | Ph.D. Candidate | Political Science 

Provost’s Dissertation Year Fellowship (2020/21) | Business Development Fellow,  UC Davis Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship '18/19