How to make sure your safeguarding arrangements are Ofsted ready

Virtual Workshop


MONDAY, 26 JULY 2021 | 09:30 - 12:30 PM





Find out what Ofsted inspectors will be looking for in order to judge your safeguarding arrangements to be ’effective’ on inspection.

This workshop will tell you what matters most to Ofsted inspectors when they look at safeguarding on inspection under the Education Inspection Framework (EIF). We will explore definitions of safeguarding and the relevant legislation including the Prevent Duty, as well as where safeguarding features in the EIF. We will consider what safeguarding should mean for your learners and staff and what activities inspectors might carry out to evaluate your safeguarding arrangements. Finally, we will discuss what questions they might ask your designated safeguarding team.

Objectives for the audience to learn:

  • The background context to the inspection of safeguarding by Ofsted.
  • Key guidance and legislation, including the Prevent Duty, used by inspectors to evaluate your safeguarding arrangements.
  • Where safeguarding sits within the Education Inspection Framework.
  • Who inspects safeguarding, and what activities they carry out to do so, on an Ofsted inspection.
  • What inspectors are looking for in your learners, staff and managers with regard to safeguarding.



THe VIRTUAL WORKSHOP WILL TAKE PLACE ON THE PLATFORM ZOOM. PLEASE ensure your device supports zoom before booking, to test your device, Click here.



Designated safeguarding leads or officers, and their deputies, other members of provider safeguarding teams and Ofsted inspection nominees.

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