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July 19 - 21, 2021

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Re-orienting an enterprise to have a digital business model, or creating a new digital enterprise from scratch, requires a breadth of guidance including strategy, business models, operational guidance for both business and technical operations, and topics like compliance and security. The cross-industry development of Open Digital Standards seeks to provide such guidance.

  Day 1 (Mon) - Open Process Automation™ Standard Version 2.1

O-PAS™ Version 2.1 represents a key milestone towards testing and field trials of the O-PAS Standard, enabling greater interoperability and portability in manufacturing control systems.

  • The O-PAS Standard defines a Reference Architecture and Information Model that will enable a distributed and heterogeneous ecosystem of industrial process automation resources to interoperate. 
  • The aim of the Standard is to stimulate innovation, lower system lifecycle costs, and provide end-users with more freedom when managing obsolescence within systems 
  • Created with the direct involvement of over 105 OPAF Member organizations, Version 2.1 progresses the overall Information Model of Version 2.0, while also adding new configuration portability capabilities.

  Day 2 (Tue) - Zero Trust Architecture and Open FAIR™ Body of Knowledge

The Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Working Group is an industry-wide initiative to establish standards and best practices for Zero Trust as the overarching information security approach for the Digital Age. The ZTA Working Group is a collaboration between the Security Forum and Architecture Forum of The Open Group. 

  • The scope of Zero Trust includes people, process, technology, risk, compliance, and operations. Zero Trust reflects a transition from the traditional approach of perimeter-based security to a security operating model that is business-enabling and data-centric. The ultimate goal of the ZTA Working Group is to create and publish a Zero Trust Reference Architecture that demonstrates and defines how to implement Zero Trust.
  • The ZTA Working Group intends to provide clarity by creating an ecosystem of interested end-user and vendor organizations, publish vendor- and technology-neutral standards, and create business guidance for industry participants.
The Open FAIR™ (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) Body of Knowledge (BoK), comprised of The Open Group Risk Taxonomy (O-RT) Standard and The Open Group Risk Analysis (O-RA) Standard, is managed The Open Group Security Forum.

  Day 3 (Wed) - Digital Transformation and Enterprise Architecture

Digital Transformation often requires the re-orientation of an enterprise to establish a digital business model. The establishment of such a model requires a breadth of strategic and operational guidance for both the business and technical aspects of the enterprise.

Day 3 of the event will focus on how the work that The Open Group is doing to facilitate the creation of a Digital Operating Model and a Business Reference Model for Digital. It will also look at how it is essential that Enterprise Architecture retains agility in order to ensure a smooth transformation into the Digital era. And finally we will examine how the pressures that have arisen over the past year have led architects to be the drivers for business resilience and flexibility.                         



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Monday, July 19 - Open Process Automation™ Standard v2.1 (O-PAS)


Tuesday, July 20 - Zero Trust Architecture and Open FAIR™ Body of Knowledge


Wednesday, July 21 - Digital Transformation and Enterprise Architecture


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