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Featured Speakers

Stephanie Mehta

Editor-in-Chief Fast Company

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Nikki Muller


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Peter Hinssen


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Dave Garrett

Chief Strategy and Growth Officer PMI

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Gitanjali Rao

Young Inventor and Author

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Fatima Ibrahim

Global Citizen's UK Hero of the Year

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Jordan Chanetsa

LGBTQIA+ Rights Activist

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Marcus Samuelsson

Award-Winning Chef, Restaurateur, Author, and Co-Owner of Red Rooster Harlem

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Manal Kahi

Co-Founder Eat Offbeat

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Mohamed  Khalifa photo


Director, LIFELONG

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Alex  Carter photo

Alex Carter, PMP

Army Officer, U.S. Army

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Yoram  Solomon photo

Yoram Solomon

Founder, Innovation Culture Institute LLC

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Archana  Shetty photo

Archana Shetty, PMP

Founder and CEO, WELEAD

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Benjamin  Anyacho photo

Benjamin Anyacho, PMP

Strategic Senior Project Manager and Enterprise Knowledge Management Lead, Texas Department of Transportation

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N. Christine  Aykac photo

N. Christine Aykac, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP, PMP

Project Coach/Learning Strategist, Acuna Consulting

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Donna  Gregorio photo

Donna Gregorio, PMI-ACP, PMP

IT Department Head, The MITRE Corporation

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Priya  Balasubramanian photo

Priya Balasubramanian, PMP

Manager, Deloitte

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Anindya  Bhattacharyya photo

Anindya Bhattacharyya

Manager, Deloitte

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Kelly  George photo

Kelly George, PMP

Founder and CEO, Real Resilience, LLC

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Sandra  Lamb photo

Sandra Lamb

CEO and Owner, Altitude Business Coaching

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Denise  Hummel photo

Denise Hummel

CEO, RevWork, Inc.

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Sharmila  Das photo

Sharmila Das, PMP

Senior Consultant, TCS

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Pranabendu  Bhattacharyya photo

Pranabendu Bhattacharyya, PMP

Head - Estimation and Productivity Center of Excellence, TCS

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Nancie  Celini photo

Nancie Celini

President, Think-OCM.org

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Marischa  van Zantvoort photo

Marischa van Zantvoort

CEO, Magnifor Consulting

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Greg  Githens photo

Greg Githens, PMP

Author, Catalyst & Cadre, LLC

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Samantha  Mulford photo

Samantha Mulford

Product Specialist – Micro-credentials, PMI

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Giusi  Meloni photo

Giusi Meloni

President, PMI Northern Italy Chapter

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Yuliya  Zhevno photo

Yuliya Zhevno, PMP

Project and Change Management Consultant, Iowa Solutions

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Anna  Zhukova photo

Anna Zhukova

Chapter Engagement Specialist, PMI

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Andreas  Berning photo

Andreas Berning, PMI-ACP, DASSM, PMP

President, PMI Germany Chapter

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Temi  Odunlami photo

Temi Odunlami

Product Coordinator, PMI

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Andreas  Madjari photo

Andreas Madjari

Project Management Governance Specialist, Erste Group Bank AG

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Dahlia  El Gazzar photo

Dahlia El Gazzar

Brand You Coach, DAHLIA+Agency

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Courtney  Stanley photo

Courtney Stanley

Brand You Coach, DAHLIA+Agency

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Al  Shalloway photo

Al Shalloway

Director, Thought Leadership for Agile at Scale Programs, PMI

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Klaus  Boedker photo

Klaus Boedker

Disciplined Agile Coach and Trainer, DA Methodology Team, PMI

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Hadrien  Bourgogne photo

Hadrien Bourgogne

Head of Software Engineering, Magnifor Consulting

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Adeola  Akande photo

Adeola Akande

Transformation and Change Management Lead, Dangote Industries Ltd

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Desmond  Ovbiagele photo

Desmond Ovbiagele

Film Director and Producer, "The Milkmaid" Movie

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Sam  Sibley photo

Sam Sibley

Global Head, Citizen Developer, PMI

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Ben  Breen photo

Ben Breen

Managing Director, Asia Pacific; Head of Global Construction, PMI

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Richard  Kimber photo

Richard Kimber

Managing Director, DPR Construction, Asia Pacific

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Erik  Agudelo photo

Erik Agudelo

Founder, Play Learn Develop

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Diana  Robertson photo

Diana Robertson

Founder and CEO, Skillsme Academy

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Chris  Hare photo

Chris Hare, PMP

Industry Principal, PMO Vertical, Wrike

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Tim  Creasey photo

Tim Creasey

Chief Innovation Officer, Prosci

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Hanan Saad  AlMaziad photo

Hanan Saad AlMaziad, PMP, PgMP, PfMP

Project Leader, Healthcare Information Technology Affairs, Program Management Office, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center

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Jie  Li photo

Jie Li

Project Management Office Head, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute

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Geetha  Gopal photo

Geetha Gopal, PMP

Head of Infrastructure Projects Delivery and Digital Transformation, Panasonic Asia Pacific

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Melissa  Grober-Morrow photo

Melissa Grober-Morrow

Thought Leadership Director, Financial Resilience, AARP

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Heather  Tinsley-Fix photo

Heather Tinsley-Fix

Senior Advisor, Financial Resilience, AARP

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David  Beckett photo

David Beckett

Pitch Coach, Best3Minutes

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Michael  Duane photo

Michael Duane

Principal Clinical Engineer, Galway University Hospital

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Stephanie  Marson photo

Stephanie Marson

Director of Programs, Project Access NOW

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Josh  Silverman photo

Josh Silverman

Senior Vice President of Transformation, Versant Health

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Roberto  Toledo photo

Roberto Toledo, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Agnieszka  Gasperini photo

Agnieszka Gasperini, PMI-ACP, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Ricardo  Triana photo

Ricardo Triana, PMP

Managing Director, Latin America, PMI

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LuAnn  Piccard photo

LuAnn Piccard, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Tony  Appleby photo

Tony Appleby, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Brantlee  Underhill photo

Brantlee Underhill

Managing Director, North America, PMI

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Tejas  Sura photo

Tejas Sura, PMP, PfMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Ike  Nwankwo photo

Ike Nwankwo, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Srini  Srinivasan photo

Srini Srinivasan

Managing Director, South Asia, PMI

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Anca  Slușanschi photo

Anca Slușanschi, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Galen  Townson photo

Galen Townson, PMI-ACP, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Mat  Rule photo

Mat Rule

CEO and Founder, Toca

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Chris  Basener photo

Chris Basener, PMP

Director of Information Security, Argus Advisory, LLC

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Lori  Breitbarth photo

Lori Breitbarth

Senior IT Program Manager Function: IT-ServiceNow Platform Team, Medtronic

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Mazhar  Hussain photo

Mazhar Hussain

Digital Lighthouse Leader, KPMG (Saudi Arabia)

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Nicole  Thompson photo

Nicole Thompson

Global Business Development Leader for Citizen Developer, PMI

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Antonio  Harrison photo

Antonio Harrison

Wellness Coach, DAHLIA+Agency

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Soraya  Herbert photo

Soraya Herbert

Digital Strategist, DAHLIA+Agency

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Tom  Raper photo

Tom Raper

Director of Customer Experience, KeyedIn

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Shawn  Dickerson photo

Shawn Dickerson

Vice President of Marketing, ProjectManager

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Mike  Griffiths photo

Mike Griffiths

Co-Chair PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition Co-Chair, DA Contributor, PMI

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Tom  Wujec photo

Tom Wujec

CEO, The Wujec Group

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Danielle  Ritter photo

Danielle Ritter

Product Manager, Standards, PMI

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Brandon  Gill photo

Brandon Gill

Manager, Solutions Consulting, TrackVia

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Tim  Stumbles photo

Tim Stumbles

CEO and Co-Founder, Office Timeline

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Ashwini  Bakshi photo

Ashwini Bakshi

Managing Director, Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa, PMI

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