Introducing the New CareerHUB: Resources to Promote Your Professional Success!

The CareerHUB, debuting at PMI’s 6-7 October Virtual Experience Series event, helps you at every stage of your career journey. Plan out the next steps in your career, grow your professional skill set, stay current, and learn methods to promote wellness for better work-life balance at PMI's all-new CareerHUB.

NEW! Career Expo

  • Create a profile on our Job Board and upload your resume / CV so hiring managers can easily find you
  • Browse job postings and apply for open positions

Career Navigator

  • Find your career path with the free assessment and personalized career plan in the Career Navigator

CareerHUB Theaters

  • Access our Brand You Theater for career-boosting content
  • Visit our Working Wellness Theater for tips and tools on maintaining work-life balance

Resume Builder

  • Try our resume builder, recommended by hiring managers
  • Create a new resume or update your current one with a professional template
  • Download a print-ready PDF or share a link to your automatically generated web resume

Exhibit Hall

  • Learn more from our exhibitors to help further your career

Is Your Organization Seeking Talent?

Get in front of the global project management community and contact us to learn more on how you can:

  • Exhibit at the Career Expo
  • Post open job positions
  • Search and view candidates' resumes
  • Interact with attendees from across the globe

Participating Companies