Positive approaches to teaching and learning

Virtual Workshop

NEW DATE: TueSDAY, 29 June 2021 | 09:30 am - 12:30 pm




Emerging e-learning teaching styles that offer a more engaging experience

Post-16 programmes offer learners the opportunity for career development and progression that is often not aligned to the traditional academic methods of teaching. This is particularly relevant with the shift towards online and blended learning.

Different approaches are needed to engage and inspire learners in order to equip them with the appropriate skills, knowledge, behaviours and resilience needed to successfully progress and achieve.
This interactive workshop will consider different methods of teaching and learning and look at some key emerging styles, particularly in relation to e-learning, that offer a more engaging and positive focus and consider why a different approach is needed. 

The aims/objectives/expected outcomes for the audience are:

  • Different approaches to teaching and learning – advantages and disadvantages.
  • The psychology behind engaging learners.
  • Mental health and wellness considerations.
  • Emerging best practice approaches to teaching.
  • Developing an effective blended approach.
  • Making the change.



THe VIRTUAL WORKSHOP WILL TAKE PLACE ON THE PLATFORM ZOOM. PLEASE ensure your device supports zoom before booking, to test your device, Click here.



A webinar was delivered in June 2020 introducing this topic, this workshop contains some similar content, but has been further developed to include effective on-line and interactive teaching.

This interactive workshop is relevant for:
- providers offering programmes in the post-16 education sector that feel their provision could be improved, especially on-line.
- managers and delivery staff involved in supporting learners on all programmes.
- educators who are not formally qualified as teachers and want to improve their understanding of good teaching practice.

This interactive workshop is not relevant for:
- providers who are deemed as outstanding with no areas for development in their teaching provision.
-managers and educators who are qualified teachers; advanced practitioners; hold a high level of teaching/ training experience; or have been observed and graded as outstanding in their teaching practice.  

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