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Entrepreneurship Academy

This website reflects the July 2021 academy.
We will update in early 2022. Please check back.


Your research, your opportunity.

Turn your research in computer science and engineering into innovative solutions that benefit the world.

Designed for faculty and postdocs in computer science and engineering, our National Innovators Forum—Entrepreneurship Academy helps you gain the knowledge and networks you need to identify, develop and validate the commercial potential of your research or idea ... to successfully move it off campus and into the world.

UC Davis has a rich entrepreneurship ecosystem that flourishes across our campus. For over a decade the Mike and Renee Child Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship has taken the latest in innovation research to design programs for university researchers that build the entrepreneurial mindset. We are delighted to now make this wealth of expertise available to a wider audience.

The academy will take place as a Zoom webinar, with interactive lectures, talks by guest entrepreneurs and industry experts, and individual and small-group activities from 8:30 a.m. to noon and select afternoon sessions. Join with innovators from across the U.S. for this rich experience this summer!

Prepare to innovate.

Get Started

  • Many pathways to innovation | The power of the network.
  • Making the leap—from lab to market, from research to business.
  • Reducing uncertainty around your idea.
  • Crafting your elevator pitch.

Validate Your Ideas

  • Market, business and technology validation.
  • Putting together a pitch deck as your living, evolving business plan.
  • Making customer calls.
  • Avoiding legal pitfalls.

Maintain Momentum

  • Mapping and building your network to succeed 
  • Building your team, seeking resources, setting milestones.
  • Avoid early legal mistakes.
  • Focus on outcomes: next steps to move forward.





Join the community of university innovators across the U.S. who are using their research to advance solutions in computer science and engineering.





Develop a network of professionals in a diversity of areas who can help you move forward with your new venture or incorporate entrepreneurial thinking into your work.






Meet one-on-one in a speed-dating format with industry experts, who help you focus your approach and hone your pitch.





Interactive workshops, rich panel discussions, office hours and more provide a solid foundation to help you commercialize your research.

Learn from the Leaders.

headshot of professional man

Gary S. May

Chancellor, UC Davis

Headshot of a woman

Mariah  Lichtenstern 

DiverseCity Ventures

Headshot of a man.

Andrew Hargadon

UC Davis Graduate School of Management

Headshot of a man

Bernard Harris

The National Math and Science Initiative

Be inspired.

Computer science professor sitting at his World Plankton Popluations table.
“Seeing my research through the eyes of an entrepreneur instead of those of a scientist has been like landing on another planet. The academy has given me the tools to quickly evaluate the viability of my research from a commercial perspective—a process I had no insight into before.”


Innovation in action. | UC Davis Professor of Computer Science Kwan-Liu Ma sits with his World Plankton Popluations table at the Exploratorium, a museum of art, science and human perception in San Francisco.