2020 Poster Presentations

Accepted Poster Submissions


Poster # Poster Title Authors
1 Vertical prism ground into Scleral lens resolves long standing visual complaints Jason Christman, Christopher Alferez
2 Aborted Corneal Transplant:  Not Once But Twice Millette Romualdez
3 An Atypical Case of Unilateral Posterior Keratoconus in a 4-Year-Old Child Vanessa Wang
4 A Novel Collaboration: Multifocal RGPs and Low Vision Aids Increase Quality of Life in Visually Impaired Christina Cherny,
Suzanne Sherman, 
Andrea Zimmerman
5 Scleral mapping of a progressive pinguecula that required a customized scleral lens Greg DeNaeyer,
Don Sanders
6 Scleral contact lens correction of varying irregular astigmatism during corneal regeneration Trevor Fosso
7 Scleral Contact Lens as the Management for S/P Corneal Transplant From Neurotrophic Ulcer Secondary to Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of Oropharyngx Radiation Treatment Dipti Singh
8 Scleral Lens Fit for Extremely Flat Cornea Post Globe Rupture Harrison Feng
9 Discontinuation of Long Term Orthokeratology Wear in Two Sisters Randy Kojima
10 Successful Scleral LensWwear following Acanthamoeba Keratitis and Conjunctival Flap Removal Stephanie Pisano
11 Case Series: Glaucomatous Surgical Intervention and Irregular Astigmatism Correction with Gas Permeable Contact Lenses  Stephanie Pisano
12 Challenges in Fitting a Corneal GP Lens for a Patient with Blepharospasm and Keratoconus  Lauren Nicholas
13 Fitting a Mangled Cornea: A Customized Corneal Gas Permeable Lens Fit Utilizing Data from the sMap in a Patient with a Boston Keratoprosthesis Nicole Poon,  
Nicholas Gidosh
14 Novel treatment for a fixed dilated pupil: iris occluding prosthetic lens worn over a scleral contact lens Brian Chou
15 Soft Contact Lens Scleral Piggy Back to Reduce Fogging Courtney Melchione,
David Kading
16 Myopia Management with Multifocal Corneal Gas Permeable Lenses

Courtney Melchione, 

David Kading 

17 Enhance your SMILE with Orthokeratology: A Case Report on the Use of Orthokeratology to Treat Myopia Regression After SMILE Surgery Shuyi (Suzy) Chen,
Elton Wong,  Sharon P. Keh
18 What a simple RGP fit taught me as a contact lens fitter Amrit Jawanda
19 Fitting OrthoK Lenses Nimbly When Astigmatism Extends Limbally Tanya Vigdal,  Sofia Schedler, Nicholas Gidosh
20 Scleral Lens for Enhancing Vision in a Patient with Granular Dystrophy Ghazal Naseri
21 Feeling that Edge, Quadrant Specific Piggybacked GP Jonathan Chen,  
Julie DeKinder
22 Cosmetic Contact Lenses for Band Keratopathy Reid Gardner
23 Specialty Tinted Soft Contact Lenses to Alleviate Severe Photophobia Secondary to Traumatic Brain Injury Rachel Choi,
Sangita Vadapalli
24 Highly Asymmetric Keratoconus and Optic Neuropathy in Monostotic Fibrous Dysplasia: A Case Report Matthew Lee
25 Decentration Solved! Jagrut Lallu
26 Piggybacking prosthetic colour contact lens and rigid gas permeable lens in an aniridia patient Anna Xie
27 Options for Vaulting Pingueculae in Patients Who Need Specialty Lenses Chelsea Bradley
28 Don't Let Post-LASIK Ectasia Leave Your Patients Lacking In Vision Caitlin Davis,  
Nicholas Gidosh
29 Case Series: Complications of Lagophthalmos Resolved with Scleral Lenses Andy Nguyen
30 Long-term RGP wear Induced Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency Andy Nguyen
31 Translating Design Multifocal Gas Permeable Contact Lenses For Presbyopia Correction  Jasmeen Bhangu
32 A Case of Microspherophakia and Congenital Glaucoma with a Touch of High Myopia Elizabeth Escobedo
33 “The Battle of the Four Lenses.” Irregular Corneal Astigmatism Secondary to EBMD, Which Lens Will Come out on Top? Elton Wong,  Sam Lee,
Eva Duchnowski
34 Visual Rehabilitation with Scleral Lenses for Advanced Corneal Neovascularization Duc Tran
35 Toric periphery orthokeratology for a child with high corneal astigmatism Yue Evelyn Zhang
36 Management of bilateral exposure and neurotrophic keratopathy using scleral contact lenses Yue Evelyn Zhang
37 Extreme Case of Exposure Keratopathy Managed with a Scleral Lens Chantelle Mundy,
Jacqueline Benoit
38 Could A Modified Piggyback System be a Line of Care for Patients with Peripheral Iridotomy and Degenerative Myopia? Vakishan Nadarajah,
Suraj Upadhyaya, 
Arijit Chakraborty
39 Do More-ia for Your Phoria: Prismatic Correction in Multifocal Scleral Lenses for a Patient with Duane Retraction Syndrome Kent Uehara, Sharon Keh
40 In case of blocked pupil, customize the optic zone size Maria Giulia Muzzi
41 Solving glare issues with scleral lens modifications Stephanie Woo
42 Iris Painted Scleral Lens Chandrashekhar Chawan
43 Time to Shape Up:  Dual Axis Orthokeratology in the Correction of Limbus to Limbus Astigmatism Selena Huang,  Yu-Jen Su
44 Successful ortho-k treatment with a toric lens design in a patient with significant myopia and astigmatism Mari Fujimoto,
Patrick Caroline,
Matt Lampa,
Beth Kinoshita,
Randy Kojima, Mark Andre
45 Scleral Contact Lens (ScCL) Rehabilitation in Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency (LSCD) in Chronic Ocular Chemical Injury sequalae  Sneha Aggarwal
46 The Use of Image Guided Scleral and Corneal Mapping on a Re-emerging Keratoconus Following Penetrating Keratoplasty. Christina Abuata
47 Let’s Clear Things Up: Improving Visual Acuity in Case of Post LASIK Ectasia Ryan Yee, Nicholas Gidosh
48 Spontaneous globe subluxation: a dramatic complication in contact lens fitting Nancy Liu
49 Case Series: Impact of Wavefront-Guided Scleral Lenses on Visual Performance Frederick Edmunds, Samantha Rao,
Brayden Lundquist
50 Clearing the Fog with Ketotifen Jami Parsons Malloy
51 Scleral Lens Wear and Management of Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency Valerie Lim
52 Custom Scleral Fitting Using Profilometry Alex Gibberman
53 Drop the Base: Prism Incorporation in Scleral Lenses for Management of Vertical Phoric Deviations Christopher Albright,
Josh Lotoczky, Chad Rosen
54 Debilitated to Functional: How Scleral Lenses Produced a Positive Outcome for a Patient with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Amanda Bancroft
55 Designing a scleral lens with two recesses to avoid two pingueculae Bradley Richlin
56 Management of Ocular Manifestations of Severe Uncontrolled Rheumatoid Arthritis Grace Liao,
Robert Fintelmann, Florencia Yeh
57 Presbyopic Scleral Lens Fitting on a Patient with a History of Herpes Simplex Keratitis (HSK) Christina Wenn,
Anna-Kaye Logan
58 Custom Soft Multifocal Lenses in Myopic Adolescents  Matthew Lampa
59 Reverse Geometry Gas Permeable Lenses to Maximize Vision in a Functionally Monocular Geriatric Patient Elizabeth Choi
60 Utilizing scleral lenses to address ocular complications of acoustic neuroma resection Fiona Yuan
61 Fitting a Scleral Lens on a Complicated Cornea: A Case of Radial Keratotomy, Post-Penetrating Keratoplasty and Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency Jacqueline Benoit,
Chantelle Mundy
62 Where Did That Knife Come From? Samantha Rosen
63 Contact Lens Management of a KID Syndrome Patient Florencia Yeh,
Elizabeth Escobedo
64 Special Considerations in Managing a Patient with Penetrating Trauma Using Gas Permeable Contact Lens Yawen (Rosa) Yang
65 Case Series: Tinted and Light Adaptive Contact Lenses as a Therapeutic Method in Siblings with Complete Achromatopsia Pooja Mahadev,
Charis-Ann Ricketts,
Chandra Mickles
66 Visual Rehabilitation of Pediatric Chemical Burn with Scleral Contact Lens Melanie Frogozo
67 Aphakic Contact Lens Fit in Pediatric Population Ryan Garber
68 Corneal Ectasia Following Pseudomonas Infection in Contact Lens Wearer Elizabeth Marshall,
Andrew Ritter
69 Optical Challenges in Vision Restoration after Acanthamobae Corneal Ulcer Jessica Vickery
70 Contact lens fitting in crystalline lens displacement: report of two cases Marcelo Sobrinho,
Henrique Ferreira,
Giovanna Nutels
71 High Regular Astigmatism and Refractive Amblyopia Masquerading as Keratoconus Daniel Deligio,
Frances Nedler
72 Corneal RGP Management of a Pediatric Patient After Corneal Laceration Repair Joseph Isik
73 Rising Over the Rebound Jennifer Liao,  
Allan Slomovic,  
Stephanie Ramdass
74 Utilizing Technology Instead of Time to Successfully Fit the Irregular Cornea with Hybrid Lenses Louise Sclafani, Corey Alvis
75 Corneo-Scleral Tomography to Aid in the Fitting of Corneal Ectasia with Scleral Lenses  Calista Ming
76 Add or Subtract, the Contact is Back:  Contact lens fitting after intrastromal corneal ring segment removal and topography-guided partial photorefractive keratectomy with corneal collagen crosslinking for keratoconus. Brianna Ryff,
Robert Fintelmann,
Grace Liao
77 Hybrid Lens Use in a Patient with Ocular GVHD and Corneal Scarring Haley Italia
78 Management of Ocular Surface Disease in a Patient with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Reese Loveless
79 Multiple Benefits with Multifocals: Myopia Control in a Five-year High Myope with Near Esophoria Almas Khan,
Chandra Mickles
80 Successful Scleral Contact Lens Wear in Patient with Topical Steroid Withdrawal/Red Burning Skin Syndrome Michelle Man,
Alexandra Beachnau
81 Multifocal Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus Cassandra Pastier,
Nicholas Gidosh
82 Contact Lens Fit Considerations for a Patient with Urrets-Zavalia Syndrome and History of Multiple Corneal Graft Failures Jessica Sun
83 Custom tinted soft contact lenses for extreme photophobia in occult macular dystrophy Brooke Harkness
84 The Multifocal Off-Center Optics Visual Effectiveness Study (MOOVES) Nicholas Gidosh
85 A visual reference to improve specialty lens fitting success Julie DeKinder
86 What Scleral Lens Diameter Will Accommodate Most Eyes? Randy Kojima
87 Front Toric Sclerals, Do We Need Them? Randy Kojima
88 How Toric Should Scleral Lenses Be For Most Patients? Randy Kojima
89 Myopia Management with Orthokeratology in Patients with Low Myopia David Kading,
Courtney Melchione
90 Safety and Efficacy of Scleral Contact Lenses for Keratoconus Yueren Wang,  Daniel Fuller
91 Quantification of Midday Fogging in Scleral Lens Patients Jennifer Fogt,
Matthew Karres,
Casey Ramirez Cortes, Jessica Barger, 
Alana Monzon, Joseph Barr
92 Deposits on worn orthokeratology contact lenses: a quantitative evaluation of their thickness before and after lens care Takahiro Hiraoka,  
Madoka Yoshimitsu,
Hideaki Kondo, Jacinto Santodomingo-Rubido
93 Evaluating axial length management with the use of a customized orthokeratology design (3MOD cohort) Patrick Simard,  
Remy Marcotte-Collard, Langis Michaud
94 Hyperopia Reduction Soft Contact Lens Management  Paul Becherer
95 Are all sagittal measurements created equal; SMap, Pentacam, and Eaglet Stephanie Gee
96 Back-Surface Toric Scleral Lenses Stabilization as a Function of the Amount of Toricity Javier Rojas,
Reinier Stortelder
97 Patients with High Astigmatism Contact Lens Study Kelly Deering,
Julie DeKinder
98 Intra- and Inter-Visit Repeatability of a Contemporary Corneoscleral Topographer Gabriella Courey,
Marie-Michèle Dupuis,        
Patrick Simard,
Langis Michaud
99 Non-invasive tear break-up time evaluation of six unique daily disposable lens materials after 10 hours of wear Tomy Lo, Osbert Chan, William (Bill) Reindel,
Robert Steffen
100 Consistency of Scleral Topography in Non-lens Wearing Eyes Jason Jedlicka
101 Meridional Differences in Sagittal Height at 12mm and 16mm chords Jason Jedlicka
102 Repeatability of Scleral Topography Using the Eye Surface Profiler Jason Jedlicka
103 Prevalence of Keratoconus in a School-aged Population - an interim report S. Barry Eiden
104 The Change in Prescription Requirement Using Piggyback Lenses John Gialousakis
105 Iontophoresis, Phototherapeutic Keratectomy and Epithelium-off: a Retrospective Comparison of Three Methods of Crosslinking Sandrine  Malaison-Tremblay
106 From vision to ocular surface rehabilitation, a paradigm shift in scleral lens prescribing: one-year experience from a single academic medical center Boris Severinsky
107 Effects of artificial deposits on adhesiveness of Pseudomonas aeruginosa onto orthokeratology lenses. Taizo Sumide
108 Deposition of fluorescently tagged lysozyme on contact lenses in a physiological blink model Han Qiao
109 Contact Lens Discomfort Decreases Visual Quality of Life Andrew Pucker, Gerald McGwin, Quentin Franklin, Alanna Nattis, Chris Lievens
110 Contact lens impact on quality of life of keratoconus patients in Ghana Heinz Otchere,  Abraham Gaitu, Charles Darko-Takyi, Andrew Owusu-Ansah
111 Utilizing choroidal thickness measurements as a marker for potential myopia control with center-distance gas permeable multifocal lens wear: A pilot study Mari Fujimoto, Patrick Caroline,  Matt Lampa,   Beth Kinoshita, Randy Kojima, Mark Andre
112 To compare the Higher Order Aberrations, Point spread Function (PSF), Modular Transfer Function (MTF) and Contrast Sensitivity (CS) in eyes with pre and post Scleral Contact Lens (ScCL) wear in cases of advanced Irregular cornea Sneha Aggarwal
113 Impact of Multifocal Corneal Gas Permeable Contact lenses on Short-term Choroidal Response: A Pilot Study Muteb Alanazi, Maria Liu, Partick Caroline
114 Scleral Lens Curricula in Optometric Education Ellen Shorter, Cherie Nau, Amy Nau, Jennifer Fogt, Muriel Schornack,  Jennifer Harthan
115 Optometric educators’ guidelines for fitting scleral lenses Jennifer Harthan,  Ellen Shorter, Jennifer Fogt, Muriel Schornack,
Cherie Nau,  Amy Nau
116 Precise MicroVault designing utilizing Profilometry Reinier Stortelder,  
Kyriakos Telamitsi
117 Multi-Center Study of Impression-Based Scleral Lenses:  Indications and Previous Contact Lens Experience Muriel Schornack, Jennifer Harthan, Cherie Nau, Ellen Shorter, Jennifer Fogt, Amy Nau
118 Initial Evaluation of Quadrant-Specific, Data-Driven Scleral Lens Design:  Indications and Previous Contact Lens Experience Muriel Schornack,
Karen Carrasquillo
119 Powering data into scleral lens design and outcomes: Correlation between patient generated health data (PGHD) and objective fitting endpoints from a data-driven scleral lens design Karen Carrasquillo
120 Comparison of Two Lens Materials and their Effects on Corneal Hypoxia in Scleral Lens Wear Over Time – A Pilot Study Marie-Michèle Dupuis, Gabriella Courey, Patrick Simard, Langis Michaud
121 Reliability of in vivo scleral contact lens evaluation using various high-definition anterior segment optical coherence tomography instrumentation Dorcas Tsang, Frank Spors, Jie Shen
122 The Role of Empathic Communication and Physician Gender in Scleral Lens Practice Daddi Fadel
123 Central corneal thickness changes after crosslinking combined with photorefractive keratectomy and associated predictive factors Lacey Haines
124 Instantaneous Power Profile vs Sagittal Power Profile of an Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF)  Multifocal Lens and Subsequent Clinical Correlations Peg Achenbach
125 Comparison of Myopia Progression in New and Established Groups of Children Wearing Dual-Focus Contact Lenses Jose Vega
126 Clinical Evaluation of a Scleral Lens and Trial Lens Calculator for Normal Eyes Jessica Walter, Chad Rosen, Robert Buckingham,
Craig Norman
128 Refractive and thickness changes of corneal epithelium and stroma in the early stage of myopic orthokeratology Giancarlo Montani, Giuseppe D’Ippolito