From Supporting Provider to Employer or Main Provider



What to consider before switching your status

Many commercial training providers and employers ‘dip their toes’ into apprenticeship waters by becoming a Supporting Provider (subcontractor) first and then a Main or Employer Provider at a later stage. But what does it take to be a fully-fledged Main or Employer Provider and what are the key considerations before switching your status? This webinar will provide some key insights for Supporting Providers who may consider becoming a Main or Employer Provider in the future.


The expected outcomes for the audience are:

  • Understanding the key differences between Supporting Providers and Employer or Main providers
  • Exploring the journey to Main or Employer Provider status from Supporting Provider
  • Identifying examples of ‘blind spots’ that could have adverse or negative consequences without adequate planning 

Target Audience


This webinar is for any organisation that is considering becoming a Main or Employer Provider from Supporting Provider status in the future.