Poster Information

Poster Presentations

  • Your self-created file (video or pdf) is due to RRS Headquarters no later than September 10th to guarantee your poster is included on the virtual platform. If you miss the deadline, we will not be able to guarantee inclusion on the virtual platform.
  • The poster session typically occurs in the format of two (2) sessions per day: Monday, Tuesday and one session on Wednesday, for a total of 7 poster sessions at the annual meeting. This year, the posters have been divided into 13 “sessions/categories.” The posters will be combined on the platform and, in addition to be featured in the Sunday opening, the audience will be able to surf the posters throughout the entire 60 days the following the meeting as the platform is available post-meeting.
  • ALL posters will be available from the BEGINNING of the Virtually Broadcast meeting. Specifically, all poster sessions will be featured in our meeting opening whereas the Posters and Virtual Exhibit Hall will open with the meeting on Sunday, October 3rd from 9:00 am EDT.

Details and Deadlines

  • The presenting author must be registered for the meeting by August 30th
  • Your poster file must be sent to RRS Headquarters by September 10th to guarantee that your poster will be included.
  • In addition to your poster file, your submitted abstract will be utilized to complete the Poster Directory and final PDF final file available to attendees.
  • Poster File specifications – Get creative!
    • Required ONE Page PDF. This would be equivalent to your poster on site. In addition, Authors and Presenters can add audio and video for a more engaging presentation.
    • The platform features multiple ways a presenter can share their content and engage with attendees throughout the meeting on Sunday-Wednesday as well as the 60-day period the meeting will remain online after the live broadcast.
    • Optional: How to enhance your poster and provide narrative to the audience:
    • Directions for voiceover recording into your PPT or Keynote files:
    • We will only accept an MP4 file.
  • Your completed file/s should be submitted to Dropbox (max file size is 350MB).

Abstract Categories

As much as possible, abstracts will be placed within the following categories:

Age Effects on Radiation Response Applications of UV Below Background and Low Dose Radiobiology DNA Damage Mechanisms DNA Damage Response
Dosimetric Methods in Epidemiology Epidemiology of Lung Cancer Following Radiation Exposure FLASH Mechanisms FLASH Preclinical Studies FLASH RT in Veterinary & Clinical Medicine
Heavy Ion Radiotherapy Low Dose RT for COVID, Other Inflammatory Diseases Machine Intelligence for Radiation Science Metabolism and DNA Repair Non-coding RNA
Normal Tissue Toxicity in Radiation Oncology Radioprotectors and Radiosensitizers Radiation and Anti-tumor Immunity Radiation and Circulatory Effects Radiation and CNS Effects
Radiation and Senescence Radiation Countermeasures Radiation Disasters—Epidemiology and Long-term Effects Radiation Dosimetry / Physics and Implications for Space Exploration

Radiation Induced Cell Death

Radiogenomics in Radiation Therapy Sex Effects in Radiation Biology and Medicine Space Radiobiology Biology Epidemiology
Medicine Radiation Chemistry Radiation Physics Other  


Important Dates

May 17, 2021
Abstract Submissions Open

June 24, 2021
Deadline for Abstract Submissions

Mid-July, 2021
Abstract Acceptance Notifications

August 30, 2021
Abstract Presenter Registration Deadline

September 10, 2021
PDF and Youtube Poster Files Due

Virtual Features:

  • Access any poster, from any device 24/7.
  • Authors and Presenters can add audio and video for more engaging presentation.
  • Mulitple ways to share and engage content with attendees via chats, emails, etc.
  • Search for posters by their poster number, presenter, keyword, cateory or author.
  • Posters are available throughout the conference and for 60 days following the conference.

Program and Abstracts

The Program will be distributed on site to meeting registrants and an Abstract PDF will be emailed to registered attendees approximately 2-weeks prior to the meeting. In addition, content will be available via the meeting website.


Embargo Policy and Press Policy
All abstracts to be presented at RRS’s Annual Meeting are embargoed until the date and time of scientific presentation. The embargo policy applies to all abstracts regardless of whether information is obtained from another source.

Embargo violations by media professionals may result in suspension of credentials at the RRS Annual Meeting as well as future meetings and may also impact the ability to receive advance media materials for future meetings. Embargo violations by abstract authors and/or sponsors may result in removal of the abstract from the scientific program. Abstract authors are responsible for notifying financial and other sponsors about this embargo policy.

Questions about the embargo policy may be directed to RRS Association Manager, Audrey Rinehart.

The full text of the abstracts selected for oral and poster presentation will be available online at the start of RRS's Annual Meeting. 

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