Pipeline Inspection, Condition Assessment, and Rehabilitation Techniques

 (Virtual Roadshow Webinar)

MARCH 30TH,  2021 |  2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST




Proper inspection and maintenance programs of large networks of underground pipeline infrastructure is crucial for optimal performance. This webinar will discuss implementing pipelining inspection and condition assessment programs and rehabilitation techniques using various methods. 

The first presentation, “Comparison of dry and underwater pipeline inspections” by Tristan Francis from ASI Group, will discuss the inspection gaps and asset management improvements for dry and submerged environments.  

Next David Crowder with R.V, Anderson Associates Limited will present “Extending the life of a Large Diameter Horseshoe- Shaped Combined sewer in Hamilton using a GRP Liner”. He will discuss a large diameter sewer inspection program with the City of Hamilton that has been effective at identifying sewers that are at risk of future failure and a rehabilitation program using grouted‐in‐place GRP. 

Last, Ghassan Saket from Andrews Engineer will present “Toronto Sewer Inspection and Condition Assessment”. He will talk about consulting engineering services for the City of Toronto to plan, coordinate and execute all CCTV inspections, MH inspections and required cleaning. 

Attendees are welcomed to participate in the Q&A session that will follow the presentations. 

Who should attend?

Municipal engineers, technicians, consultants, contractors, suppliers, and anyone involved or interested in expanding their knowledge on pipeline inspection, condition assessment and rehabilitation techniques. Attendees will learn from leading industry experts on implementing and managing inspection and rehabilitation programs for underground pipeline infrastructure. 


What's included?

  • CEU's available upon request only -  Please email catt@uwaterloo.ca with all inquiries.



Tristan Francis, Project Manager, ASI Group

Comparison of dry and underwater pipeline inspections 

Tristan Francis is currently a Project Manager within the remote technology division at ASI Group Ltd. Since 2015, Tristan has worked with inspection, cleaning and maintenance technologies related to municipal infrastructures. At ASI, he works closely with a team of engineers and technicians specializing in the customization and application of various sonar and underwater devices to help clients determine the best inspection solutions for their project needs. Tristan is a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Mineral Engineering Program. 

David Crowder, R.V. Anderson & Associates Limited

Ghassan Saket, Andrews Engineer

Toronto Sewer Inspection and Condition Assessment 

Ghassan Saket is a licenced professional engineer with extensive sewer asset management experience. At Andrews.Engineer, he is responsible for overall management and successful delivery of numerous trunk sewer inspection, condition assessment, and rehabilitation contracts. Ghassan is routinely involved in the development of sewer rehabilitation strategies, budgets, and timelines for various municipal clients across Ontario. He also has a solid understanding of trenchless technologies having led the preliminary and detailed design for several local and trunk sewer rehabilitation projects. 


Moderated By: Mike Kezdi, BMI



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