2021 Business Conference Awards

Star Awards


Corporate/Government Volunteer of the Year

  • Involved in Great Lakes WBC Programs/Projects

  • Volunteers on committees

  • Encourages others to participate in WBENC - Great Lakes

Corporate/Government Advocate of the Year

  • Advocates on behalf of individual women business owners or as a group
  • Identifies procurement opportunities for women business owners
  • Makes certain that women are represented in the procurement process

Corporate Champion of the Year
(An individual who works for a Corporation)

  • Encourages corporate involvement in Great Lakes WBC and support of women business owners
  • Demonstrates extraordinary leadership in championing women business owners
  • Champions the cause of women’s business ownership

WBE of the Year

Offers exemplary customer service

  • Proactive in addressing/servicing customer needs
  • Conducts business with other women entrepreneurs
  • Possesses good business skills (growth, financial stability, creativity, innovation, management)
  • Is current on industry trends and incorporates best practices in business operations

WBE Role Model/Mentor of the Year

  • Demonstrates extraordinary leadership

  • Serves as a role model
  • Encourages women business owners
  • Shares knowledge and experience with other women business owners

WBE Volunteer of the Year

  • Involved in Great Lakes WBC Programs/Projects/Committees
  • Volunteers on committees

The recognition will be held at the Great Lakes Women’s Business Conference September 28 & 29 , 2021