Bausch + Lomb is dedicated to delivering products, education and training for eye care professionals in the custom contact lens space. Through our Zenlens® family of scleral lenses, Boston® Materials, and many other custom lens products, eye care professionals will have the support they need to meet the needs of their patients with challenging visual problems including keratoconus, post-refractive surgery, severe astigmatism, orthokeratology, presbyopia and ocular surface disease.  


Learn more at https://www.bauschsvp.com/


For over 30 years, Contamac has manufactured intraocular and contact lens materials, like our new Optimum Infinite® GP material. We are also excited to offer HyClear™, a .01% hypochlorous acid solution for daily eyelid hygiene, and Nutrifill®, a saline solution for rinsing and filling scleral and other specialty contact lenses.  


Learn more at https://www.contamac.com/products 


CooperVision Specialty EyeCare is dedicated to addressing the unmet needs of practitioners and patients worldwide whose ocular challenges compromise not only vision, but quality of life. Their unmatched portfolio of specialty lens designs empowers practitioners to differentiate themselves while positively impacting the lives of their patients.  

Learn more at CoopervisionSpecialtyEyeCare.com


OCULUS has been setting milestones in the eye care industry since 1895. We offer a wide range of products including the Pentacam®, visual field perimeters, corneal topographers, slit-lamp cameras, pachymeters, autorefractors, keratometers, trial frames and loupes. OCULUS products are 100% made in Germany and fully supported in the United States.

Learn more at https://www.oculus.de/us/frontpage/ 



The Gas Permeable Lens Institute, supported and affiliated with the CLMA membership companies, is dedicated to providing eyecare professionals unbiased educational and “practice building” resources highlighting GP and custom manufactured soft contact lenses. Please visit booth 315 for “FIRST in Education” and to donate and support all ECPs, staff and your patients. 

Learn more at https://www.gpli.info/


The medmont meridia™ Advanced Topographer advances the E300’s globally trusted 20-year legacy of efficiency, reliability, and best-in-class precision. The next generation in excellence is a single multi-modal system, including a suite of dry eye modules, aimed to empower practitioners to elevate and broaden patient health. Know more. Know now.

Learn more at www.medmont.com 




Alcon helps people see brilliantly. As the global leader in eye care, we offer the broadest portfolio of Surgical and Vision Care products and serve more than 260 million people in over 140 countries living with conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases and refractive errors.

Learn more at www.alcon.com


Practitioners know their patients BEST; design the lens that fits them best with BostonSight SCLERAL. Designed with data from 20,000+ eyes, BostonSight SCLERAL supports-provides exceptional comfort and long-term ocular health. With diameters from 16mm to 19mm, Smart360™ empirical fitting, and SMART features — you can design an optimal fit, fast. 


Learn more at https://www.bostonsight.org/


Eaglet Eye is the world’s leading ocular Profilometry company. The Eye Surface Profiler measures the cornea and sclera with unprecedented accuracy. Sophisticated lens fitting algorithms and software enable finding the best fitting lens. First time. Every time. Works with all the leading scleral labs and takes your practice to the next level.


Menicon is proud to be celebrating 70 years of contact lens innovation. Menicon offers a full range of products and services including everything from rigid gas-permeable lenses, disposable contact lenses and lens care solutions, to a myopia control management system in order to satisfy the needs of all customers worldwide. 


Learn more at https://www.meniconamerica.com/


Frustrated by in-office contacts that limit your options, profits, and success? Break free from these limitations and build your practice with SpecialEyes. Our custom soft toric, multifocal, and multifocal toric designs overcome unique optical challenges and create happy patients, enhancing your reputation as an eyecare expert.

Learn more at https://specialeyesqc.com/ or call 866-404-1060


SynergEyes®, a leading expert in specialty contact lenses, focuses exclusively on independent eye care professionals, providing a complete continuum of specialty lenses. Brands include SynergEyes iD and Duette® hybrid lenses for astigmatism and presbyopia, UltraHealth® hybrid and SynergEyes VS™ scleral lenses for irregular corneas and SimplifEyes 1Day soft daily disposables. 

Learn more at https://synergeyes.com/


At TruForm, specialty lenses are our focus. We specialize in advancing the science and technology of scleral designs for dry eye and ocular surface disease management, myopia management with orthokeratology, bifocal and multifocal lenses for presbyopia and traditional GP designs. We are your specialty lens source!  


Learn more at https://www.tfoptics.com/


Visioneering Technologies Inc. (ASX:VTI) is an innovative eye care company committed to redefining vision. Its flagship product is the NaturalVue® Multifocal contact lens, now enhanced with comfort ingredients, and VTI has expanded its portfolio of technologies to address a range of eye care issues. 

Learn more at https://vtivision.com/



YOUR VISION. OUR MISSION. That’s more than our purpose: it’s our promise to physicians, patients, and ourselves. Allergan has dedicated over 70 years to protecting and preserving vision. We continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible to create innovative treatments, programs, and education.

Learn more at Allerganeyecare.com.


DAC International is the premier supplier of contact lens, scleral lens and IOL production equipment, software and support. Our ALM and 100A Series lathes offer the most in advanced technology. Optional automation, toric and specialty lens design capability, on-lathe fenestration, and laser engraving are also available.

Learn more at http://www.dac-intl.com/


Dompé farmaceutici S.p.A. is an Italian biopharmaceutical company conducting business in the United States' through its subsidiary located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dompé’s commitment to ophthalmology includes the first topical biologic FDA-approved for an ophthalmic indication. 

Learn more at https://www.dompe.us/


Glaukos Corporation is an ophthalmic medical technology and pharmaceutical company focused on novel therapies for the treatment of glaucoma, corneal disorders and retinal diseases. Glaukos is leveraging its platform technology to build a comprehensive and proprietary portfolio of micro-scale surgical and pharmaceutical therapies in glaucoma, corneal health and retinal disease.

Learn more at https://www.glaukos.com/


Inventors of the world’s first automated Custom Wavefront-Guided contact lens system for correction of Higher Order Aberrations (HOA), OVITZ is leading the way with HOA optics solutions. This patented, novel technology system integrates an intuitively designed aberrometer that works with any practice budget and delivers unmatched visual acuity for patients with compromising vision conditions. 

Learn more at www.ovitz.us   


Regener-Eyes® is a first in class, natural, biologic ophthalmic solution that is preservative free and contains naturally occurring cytokines, chemokines and growth factors. With over millions of treatments, Regener-Eyes® has a great safety profile.

For more information on our first in class biologic eye drop, please visit regenereyes.com.


SCHNEIDER is a leading supplier of processing solutions to the ophthalmic industry. Experience gained with building several thousands of diamond turning machines enabled us to create an entirely new machine design for the contact lens market with attractive pricing, on board 3D processing capability, integrated laser marking and ready for automation.

Learn more at https://www.schneider-om.com/


On display, our latest addition to our family of products. Stop by to see our Optoform 60 lathe and our FTS-5000 in action! 

Learn more at https://www.sterlingint.com/




Introducing Maxim 3D a Free-Form scleral lens design 

Learn more at http://www.acculens.com/

Advanced Vision Technologies

Advanced Vision Technologies, AVT, is your “Go To Lab” for expert consultation and all your customized contact lens needs including, Soft, GP and Scleral designs. AVT has contact lens designs to work for normal, pediatric, myopia management, presbyopia, high astigmatic, prosthetics, to extremely diseased corneas including keratoconus, pellucid and post-surgical. 

Learn more at https://www.avtlens.com/

Augmented Vision Labs

Augmented Vision Labs is an optometrist-led technology company that is dedicated to solving persistent problems in eyecare. Our innovations include the S5 Lens Insertion System™ which helps patients who struggle with inserting scleral and hybrid lenses as well as the iSLA™ imaging system which enables providers to capture high quality slit lamp images and video.

Learn more at https://augmentedvisionlabs.com/

Avellino Labs

Learn about AvaGen™, The Genetic Eye Test, that confidently empowers eyecare professionals with personalized patient genetic data to protect and preserve vision. AvaGen™ identifies the risk of keratoconus and presence of corneal dystrophies. 

Learn more at https://www.avellino.com/en/products/avagen-test/

Bruder Healthcare

Daily lid hygiene routines using a silver-infused antibacterial Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress and Bruder lid hygiene products can help treat or prevent problems for your dry eye, blepharitis and contact lens patients. See us at GSLS or visit www.bruder.com/eyecare-pro to learn what makes Bruder products #1 doctor recommended.

Learn more at https://bruder.com/

DGH Technology

DGH Technology, Inc. is the acknowledged worldwide leader of ophthalmic ultrasonic equipment. The Scanmate A-Scan is tailored to meet the needs of your myopia management program. It provides consistent, reliable, and accurate axial length measurements. The Scanmate FLEX Ultrasound system is a combination A-Scan / B-Scan / UBM available in multiple configurations to meet the needs of your practice. Serving eye care professionals since 1982.

Learn more at www.dghtechnology.com

Euclid Systems Corp. 

For over 20 years, Euclid has refined the art and science of myopia management through advanced Ortho-K lens designs. Today, Euclid Ortho-K is proven on over two million eyes around the world. Each lens is specifically designed for the individual patient’s eyes and yields an 87% first fit success*. No trial set required. Visit www.Euclidsys.com.

*Based on internal data



EyePrint Prosthetics

EyePrint Prosthetics utilizes ocular impression or scanned data with patented Elevation Specific Technology to vault irregularities on the ocular surface. Each scleral device is custom-fit to each patient’s eyes, offering alternatives to patients previously written off due to their corneoscleral irregularities and provides a stable platform for premium optics.

Learn more at https://eyeprintpro.com/

Eyespace Contact Lenses

Eyespace is a powerful lens design software that allows practitioners to upload topographical and refractive data to create custom GP Ortho K lenses. Our easy to use software allows you to create Myopic, hyperopic and toric designs with just a few clicks. EyeSpace is your Ortho K turnkey solution! 


Learn more at https://www.eyespacelenses.com/


iMatrix provides web presence solutions for every budget and need. The online marketing services are designed to equip eye care professionals for success. Solutions include an advanced SEO solution, custom HD video and video marketing, paid advertising (PPC), social media management, and professional websites. 

Learn more at https://imatrix.com/

K&Y Diamond

K&Y Diamond has been supplying precision diamond tools since 1976. Our new facility built in 2018 is home to the latest polishing and metrology equipment available. We are always using the most advanced equipment available so we can provide the best tools available. Give K&Y a try and see the difference!

Learn more at https://kydiamond.ca/

Konan Medical USA

Konan Medical develops and distributes innovative ophthalmic diagnostic devices that help clinicians diagnose and manage vision-threatening or potentially life-threatening disorders. See What You’ve Been Missing®

Learn more at https://www.konanmedical.com/

Lambda X.S.A

Lambda-X creates & manufactures optical systems for metrology & imaging applications. Anywhere a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) metrology tool doesn’t exist, Lambda-X offers a path with custom optical systems. Numerous applications in a number of markets are covered with: far-field or near-field imaging (custom microscopes), image processing, custom spectroscopic measurements over various ranges, lighting systems, etc.

Learn more at https://lambda-x.com/

Luneau Technology 

Luneau Technology | Optovue is the global manufacturer and exclusive sales, service and training provider for Optovue®, Visionix®, Briot® and Weco® brands in North America. With over 100 years of innovation, an expanded product line, as well as a new level of support, clinical education and practice integration, we are well positioned to help you unlock your potential.

Learn more at https://luneautechusa.com/

May Eye Interrupt 

May Eye Interrupt Powered by OCULUS is an eye care round table discussion show that explores questions and topics of interest with industry-leading experts. 

Learn more at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS-CAFbuDOvTp12_vAt4FCA

Metro Optics

Your Professional Contact Lens Designer. Metro Optics manufactures an extensive portfolio of custom scleral, corneal GP and soft contact lenses for patients with high prescriptive powers, presbyopia and highly irregular corneas. Come talk with our consultants to learn what lens designs are most appropriate for your contact lens practice.

Learn more at Metro-Optics.com

Mojo Vision

Mojo Vision is a Saratoga, CA-based startup building the world’s first true smart contact lens. Mojo Lens will incorporate the world’s smallest dynamic display and computing power/sensors in a scleral lens design to deliver eyes-up information to all consumers and vision enhancement for those with impaired vision.

Learn more at https://www.mojo.vision/

National Keratoconus Foundation

NKCF is the premier patient education and advocacy program dedicated to keratoconus. Based at the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute at UC-Irvine, the Foundation was established 35-years ago by a small group of concerned families and is the world’s oldest and largest organization dedicated to keratoconus. NKCF provides information to patients and their families, and raises public awareness of this cornea disease. 

Learn more at https://nkcf.org/

Scleral Lens Education Society 

The Scleral Lens Education Society (SLS) teaches contact lens practitioners the science and art of prescribing scleral contact lenses. SLS supports public education that highlights the benefits and availability of scleral contact lenses. The SLS provides hands-on workshops, COPE approved lectures, and webinars to educate practitioners about scleral lenses.

Learn more at https://sclerallens.org/

Tracey Technologies

Tracey Technologies offers the iTraceTM Ray Tracing Aberrometer and Corneal Topographer. Using patented technology, the iTrace uniquely measures the aberrations of the whole eye and separates whole eye aberrations between internal and corneal. The iTrace is the preferred diagnostic device to design aberration correcting scleral and soft contact lenses.

Learn more at https://www.traceytechnologies.com/

Visionary Contact Lens

Visionary is proud to introduce our new Scleral lens design call the FAQT lens. The FAQT is unlike any other Scleral because of our proprietary curvature system that is tailored to match the complexity of both the cornea and scleral shape. Come see us at GSLS to check it out.

Learn more at https://visionarylens.com/

WAVE Contact Lens System

WAVE Contact Lens System is a sophisticated and robust custom contact lens software platform for designing and fitting Scleral, Ortho-K and GP contact lenses. WAVE has been helping Eye Care Practitioners design one-of-a-kind personalized contact lenses for their patients using the corneal topography data since 1999! 

Learn more at https://www.wavecontactlenses.com/ 


Weave is the all-in-one customer communication and engagement platform for small business. From the first phone call to the final invoice and every touchpoint in between, Weave connects the entire customer journey. Weave’s software solutions transform how local businesses attract, communicate with, and engage customers to grow their business.

Learn more at https://www.getweave.com/industry/optometry/ 

Woo University

Founder Dr. Woo will be there to share the 2022 Event Calendar with prospective attendees and sponsors. 

Learn more at https://www.woou.org/



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