JANUARY 19 - 22, 2022



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Courses CE Approvals
Corneal Diagnostics and Monitoring for the Contact Lens Practitioner: A Workshop & Wetlab COPE: 75506-PD
FL Board Optometry: 20-890888
Scleral Lenses: Taking it to the Next Level Advanced Scleral Lens Workshop  COPE: 75508-CL
FL Board Optometry: 20-893218



Courses CE Approvals
Treatments Showdown 2.0: What Myopia Control Option Would You Choose? COPE: 75475-GO
FL Board Optometry: 20-893226
What's Special About Specialty Soft Contact Lenses?  COPE: 75610-CL 
FL Board Optometry: 20-866717
A Deep Dive Into Corneal and Scleral Shape Relationships and the Impacts on Scleral Lens Fits

COPE: 75659-CL
FL Board Optometry: 20-866719

Pediatric Keratoconus Update COPE: 75478-AS
FL Board Optometry: 20-890912
GP, Hybrid, and Scleral Multifocal Lens Fitting and Problem Solving COPE: 75479-CL
FL Board Optometry: 20-890966
Billing and Coding Specialty Contact Lenses COPE: 75509-PM
FL Board Optometry: 20-890974
Orthokeratology: Reshaping Vision COPE: 75480-CL
FL Board Optometry: 20-890984
Better Together: Contact Lenses and Surgical Procedures for Keratoconus

COPE: 75510-AS 

FL Board Optometry: 20-890994 

Expanding Interventions for Myopic Progression Control - Spectacle Based Options

COPE: 75482-GO 

FL Board Optometry: 20-891008 

Beyond the Lens: The Social, Quality of LIfe, and Financial Implications of Keratoconus 

COPE: 75483-PB      

FL Board Optometry: 20-891678 

Don't Leave Me in Isolation! Scleral Lens Integration in Ocular Surface Disease Management

COPE: 75511-AS 

FL Board Optometry: 20-891682 

Managing Aphakic Pediatric Patients with Specialty Lens as They Age COPE: 75514-CL
FL Board Optometry: 20-892114
RGPs= Really Good Problem Solvers! COPE: 75515-CL
FL Board Optometry: 20-891700



Courses CE Approvals
Myopia Workshop: Moving Orthokeratology Forward in 2022 COPE: 75578-CL
FL Board Optometry: 20-892008
Poster Session No CE Credit Available 
Specialty Lens Practice in Motion  COPE: 75558-PM 
FL Board Optometry: 20-892012

Safety & Contact Lens Compliance
Safety & Contact Lens Compliance 1
Safety & Contact Lens Compliance 2

COPE: 75520-CL
FL Board Optometry: 20-892034



Courses CE Approvals
Free Paper Session - Contact Lens 1
Free Paper Session - Contact Lens 2
Free Paper Session - Contact Lens 3
Free Paper Session - Contact Lens 4
Free Paper Session - Contact Lens 5

COPE: 75739-CL
FL Board Optometry: 20-893216
New Horizons of Dry Eye Technology 1 COPE: 75611-AS 
FL Board Optometry: 20-894150
Orthokeratology for Pediatrics - Not Your Average GP Lens FItting COPE: 75528-CL
FL Board Optometry: 20-892132
Corneal Transplantation: The Procedures of Today and Tomorrow COPE: 75548-PO
FL Board Optometry: 20-892150
Building a Specialty Lens Practice - Taking it to the Next Level COPE: 75535-PM
FL Board Optometry: 20-892154
Contact Lens Technology for the New Generation of Presbyopes COPE: 75584-CL
FL Board Optometry: 20-892162
How to Utilize Various Techniques for Scleral Lens Success COPE: 75586-CL
FL Board Optometry: 20-892174

Irregular Cornea Management in 2022 1 


COPE: 75617-CL
FL Board Optometry: 20-873629
Scleral Lens Super Session 1
Scleral Lens Super Session 2
Scleral Lens Super Session 3
Scleral Lens Super Session 4
COPE: 75660-CL
FL Board Optometry: 20-892184