Award of Excellence 

Award of Excellence 

The Global Specialty Lens Symposium Award of Excellence was established in 2013. The award is given periodically by the Program Committee to a distinguished clinician, scholar, and/or scientist to recognize their lifelong achievements in the field of contact lenses, especially as they relate to specialty contact lenses. The individuals selected are  recognized for their contributions to the field of contact lenses, including development, practice, translation of knowledge and education, and scholarly activity, all of which moved the field forward in seminal ways. The honorees are recognized at the annual Global Specialty Lens Symposium (GSLS) meeting in Las Vegas.

Past Award Winners 


   Otto Wichterle 


Joseph Barr, OD, MS


Craig Norman, FCLSA 


Thomas Aller, OD

Pauline Cho, BOptom, Med, PhD

Earl Smith, OD, PhD

Jeff Walline, OD, PhD


Ed Bennett, OD, MDEd

Gerald E. Lowther, OD, PhD

Robert B. Mandell, OD, PhD

Anthony J. Phillips, MPhil, FBOA, HD


Don Ezekiel 

Kenneth Pullum

Perry Rosenthal, MD

Rients Visser


Donald R. Korb, OD, FAAO


Professor Brien Holden