Paper Sessions

The 53rd North American Power Symposium (NAPS 2021)

November 14 - 16, 2021

Paper Block 1 (Monday, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM)


Session 1.1 - Cyber Physical Systems I - Traditions Room

Session Chair: Chee-Wooi Ten

111: Risk-based Classical Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) of Microgrid Cyber-physical Energy Systems
Shravan Kumar Akula, Hossein Salehfar

113: Automating the Process to Quantify Cyber-Physical Risk with Contingency Analysis and User Input
Hao Huang, Dustin Gray, Juan Mendoza, Katherine Davis

123: Cyber-Physical Defense in Smart Distribution Networks
Leen Al Homoud, Rinith Reghunath, Safin Bayes, Aaqib Peerzada, and Robert S. Balog

157: Mitigating TCP Congestion: A Coordinated Cyber and Physical Approach
Zeyu Mao, Abhijeet Sahu, Patrick Wlazlo, Yijing Liu, Ana Goulart, Katherine Davis, Thomas J. Overbye

207: Characterization and Classification of Cyber Attacks in Smart Grids using Local Smoothness of Graph Signals
Md Abul Hasnat, Mahshid Rahnamay-Naeini

Session 1.2 - Education and New Opportunities in Power Systems - Reveille Room

Session Chair: Gerald Thomas Heydt

005: The Power Globe Celebrates Thirty Years
G. Thomas Heydt

063: Commissioning a Real-World Industry-Grade Microgrid with Undergraduate and Graduate Students: An Educational Experience
Mahmoud Kabalan

091: Large-Scale Electric System Research Center at Texas A&M – Description & Associated Research Activities
Ikponmwosa Idehen, Komal Shetye, Thomas Overbye, Don Morrow

Session 1.3 - New Trends in Photovoltaics - Laurel Room

Session Chair: Ahmad Abuelrub

029: Sequential Simulation of Three-Phase Photovoltaic Systems in Frequency Domain
Fausto Diaz, Abner Ramirez

033: PV Hosting Capacity Calculation Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Yazeed Alghamdi, Abdullah Al-Mehizia, Fahad Al-Ismail

148: PV Hosting Capacity Assessment for Improved Planning of Low Voltage Distribution Networks
Sina Ibne Ahmed, Daisy Flora Selvaraj, Hossein Salehfar

187: Parameter extraction of solar photovoltaic modules using Manta Ray Foraging Optimization (MRFO) algorithm
Hammed Omotoso, Abdullrahman Al-Shammaa, Hassan M. H. Farh, Abdullah M. Noman, Abdulaziz A. Alkuhayli

Session 1.4 - New Trends in Markets I - Ross Room

Session Chair: Mostafa Ardakani

030: Electricity Load Forecasting under COVID-19
Fariha Kabir Torsha, Dr. Ying Lin, Dr. Lei Fan, Dr. Taewoo Lee

084: A Cost-driven Transition Comparison to improve grid resilience during unusual harsh weather condition operation.  “Texas A Case Study”
Olalekan Ogundairo, Sumit Kumar Srivastava, Oluwatimilehin Adeosun

184: A Conceptual Model for Analyzing the Impact of Natural Gas on Electricity Generation Failure during the 2021 Texas Power Outage
Andrew Schaper, Le Xie

044: Customized Prices Design for Agent-based Local Energy Market with PV and Energy Storage
Li He, Jie Zhang

059: Optimal Bidding Strategy for a Wind Power Producer in the Energy and Spinning Reserve Markets
Anne Stratman, Wei Qiao, Liyan Qu

Session 1.5 - Converter and Inverter Design - Hullabaloo Room

Session Chair: Won Jang

073: Dynamic Power Factor Correction Through Power Electronic Converters Optimal Control
Serafin Ramos Paz, Fernando Ornelas-Tellez

083: Performance Evaluation of Multilevel DC-AC Converter To Interface EV Battery For V2H Application
Mohammad Modabbir, Mohd Khalid, Irfan Khan, Nimra Siddiqui, Salman Hameed, Mohammad Asghar

156: Hardware Demonstration of Weak Grid Oscillations in Grid-Following Converters
Li Bao, Lingling Fan, Zhixin Miao, Zhengyu Wang

079: Laplace Domain Modeling of Power Components for Transient Converter-Grid Interaction Studies
Hussein Alameri, Pablo Gomez

190: Particle Swarm Optimization-based PID Controller Design for DC-DC Buck Converter
Anjan Debnath, Temitayo Olowu, Sukanta Roy, Imtiaz Parvez, Arif Sarwat

Session 1.6 - Machine Learning Applications I - Corps Room

Session Chair: Hao Zhu

043: A Sequential Supervised Machine Learning Approach for Cyber Attack Detection in a Smart Grid System
Yasir Ali Farrukh, Zeeshan Ahmad, Irfan Khan, Rajvikram Madurai Elavarasan

070: Application of Graph Neural Network for Fault Location in PV Penetrated Distribution Grids
Mohammad Mansourlakouraj, Rakib Hossain, Hanif Livani, Mohammed Ben-Idris

076: Optimal Power Flow Estimation Using One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network
Kun Yang, Wei Gao, Rui Fan

094: Time Series-Based Small-Signal Stability Assessment using Deep Learning
Sergio A. Dorado-Rojas, Tetiana Bogodorova, Luigi Vanfretti

128: A Machine Learning-Enabled Clustering Approach for Large-scale Classification of Solar Data
Ebuka Osunwoke, Safayet Ullah, Ali Jafarian-Abianeh, Farzad Ferdowsi, Terrence Chambers

Paper Block 2 (Monday, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM)


Session 2.1 - Cyber Physical Systems - Traditions Room

Session Chair: Kate Davis

095: Detecting False Data Injection Attacks to Battery State Estimation Using Cumulative Sum Algorithm
Victoria Obrien, Rodrigo Trevizan, Vittal Rao

096: Topology Identification with Smart Meter Data Using Security Aware Machine Learning
Cody Francis, Vittal Rao, Rodrigo Trevizan

149: GPS Spoofing attacks on PMUs Practical Feasibility and Counter Measures
Fakhri Saadedeen, Anamitra Pal

182: Blockchain Checksum for Establishing Secure Communications for Digital Twin Technology
William Danilczyk, Haibo He, Yan (Lindsay) Sun

177: Evaluation of Optimal Strategy under False Data Injection Attack On Power System: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
G. Revati, and K. Sonam

Session 2.2 - Resiliency and Power Systems Analysis I - Reveille Room

Session Chair: Bora Karayaka

093: Applying Remedial Action Schemes Using Sensitivity Analysis for Undergraduate Research
Gaurang Bhakta, Adam Birchfield

152: Transmission Adaptive Capacity-Based Resilience Metrics for Power Grid Contingency Analysis
Jianzhong Gui, Hangtian Lei, Yacine Chakhchoukh, Timothy McJunkin, Brian Johnson

175: Bisection Search of Faulted Segment Based on Radially Energized Distribution Feeder
Anurag Nagpure, Anamika Dubey, Chee-Wooi Ten

023: Initial Results for Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for Forced Oscillations in Power Systems
Zikai Xu, John W. Pierre

061: A Numerical Method for Fault Location in DC Systems Using Traveling Waves
Sajay Krishnan Paruthiyil, Rudy Montoya, Ali Bidram, Matthew J. Reno

Session 2.3 - Volt-Var. Control Distribution Systems - Corps Room

Session Chair: Mingxi Liu

049: Volt/Var Control of Solar Photovoltaic System
Mahmoud Badreldien, Brian Johnson

203: Comparative Analysis of Volt-Var Control Parameter Settings of Smart PV Inverters: A Case Study
S.M. Safayet Ullah, Ali Jafarian Abianeh, Ebuka B Osunwoke, Farzad Ferdowsi

072: Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Volt-Var Optimization in Distribution Grids with Inverter-based Resources
Rakib Hossain, Mohammad MansourLakouraj, Amir Ghasemkhani, Hanif Livani, Mohammed Ben-Idris

121: Phasor-Based Optimal Voltage Control for DistributionGrids Through D-PMUs and EV Battery Charger
G. Mejia-Ruiz, R. Cardenas, Mario R. A. Paternina, A. Zamora, C. Toledo-Santos

Session 2.4 - New Trends in Markets II - Ross Room

Session Chair: Fengyu Wang

105: Market Design Approach for Unreliable Grid with Distributed Generation and Private Microgrids
Leila Chebbo, Ali Bazzi, Sami Karaki, Amal Asaad

102: Equity-based Fair Market Algorithm to Effectively Integrate DER in Retail Market Pricing
Nimanthi Nandasiri, Visvakumar Aravinthan

133: Tracking the Source of Marginal Electricity Generation on a Spatial-Temporal Basis in an Electricity Market
Kenji Santacruz, Yuanrui Sang

151: Dynamic Matching in Power Systems using Model Predictive Control
Majid Majidi, Deepan Muthirayan, Masood Parvania, Pramod P. Khargonekar

146: A practical three-layer energy management framework for future distribution systems
Meisam Ansari, Leili Hadian Dahaj, Mostafa Ansari

Session 2.5 - Optimal Operation of Power Systems - Hullabaloo Room

Session Chair: Aaron St. Leger

013: Optimal Power Flow and Contingency Analysis Incorporating Dynamic Thermal Line Rating and Distributed FACTs
Muhammad Sarmad Tariq, Valentina Cecchi

188: Computational Impacts of SVCs on Optimal Power Flow using Approximated Active-Set Interior Point Algorithm
Sayed Abdullah Sadat, Xinyang Rui, Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani

200: Effects of Communication Network Topology on Distributed Optimal Power Flow for Radial Distribution Networks
Nathan Gray, Rabayet Sadnan, Anjan Bose, Anamika Dubey

115: Identifying  Redundant  Constraints  for  AC  OPF:  The  Challenges  of Local  Solutions,  Relaxation  Tightness, and Approximation  Inaccuracy
Alejandro Owen Aquino, Line Roald, Daniel Molzahn

162: Customized Sequential Quadratic Programming for Solving Large-Scale AC Optimal Power Flow
Sayed Abdullah Sadat, Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani

Session 2.6 - Protection, Relays, and Power Systems Analysis I - Ballroom

Session Chair: Mostafa Ardakani

191: Addressing the Performance of Distance Relays in Presence of Inverter Based Resources
Prabin Adhikari, Sukumar Brahma, Phani Harsha Gadde

201: Enhancing Situational Awareness: Predicting Under Frequency and Under Voltage Load Shedding Relay Operations
Ramin Vakili, Mojdeh Khorsand

Paper Block 3 (Monday, 2:45 PM - 4:15 PM)

Session 3.1 - Stability and Power System Analysis I - Traditions Room

Session Chair: John Pierre

028: The Impact of Three-phase Impedances on the Stability of DER systems
Jaimie Swartz, Alexandra von Meier

051: Optimal Allocation of Virtual Inertia Devices for Enhancing Frequency Stability in Low-Inertia Power Systems
Mingjian Tuo, Xingpeng Li

100: Large-Signal Stability Analysis of Grid-connected Droop-controlled Inverter with Local RL Loads
Khalid Hurayb, Mahmoud Kabalan, Dagmar Niebur

101: Measured Admittance Model for Dynamic Simulation of Inverter-Based Resources Using Numerical Laplace Transform
Miao Zhang, Li Bao, Zhixin Miao, Lingling Fan, Pablo Gomez

144: Bifurcation Analysis of the Synchronverter
Josué Ricardo Hernández Ramírez, Juan Segundo Ramírez, Nancy Visairo Cruz, Ciro Alberto Núñez Gutiérrez, Rafael Peña Gallardo

Session 3.2 - Resiliency and Power Systems Analysis II - Reveille Room

Session Chair: Jianhui Wang

017: The Risk of Hidden Failures to the United States Electrical Grid and Potential for Mitigation
Arthur Barnes, Adam Mate, Jose Tabarez

085: Transmission grid outage statistics extracted from a web page logging outages in Northeast America
Nichelle'Le Carrington, Ian Dobson, Zhaoyu Wang

176: Optimal Energy Management of A Power Transmission Grid under A Heatwave Exposure
Ali Alawad, Ahmad Alnakhli, Payman Dehghanian

138: Optimal Energy Portfolio Planning for Power System Considering the Impact of Winter Storms
Alfredo Chaidez

147: Contingency Probability Estimation for Risk Based Planning Studies Using NERC ’s Outage Data and Standard TPL-001-4
Yanda Jiang, Anam Kalair, James McCalley, Parag Mitra, Anish Gaikwad, Donna Pratt, Jack Norris

Session 3.3 - Reliability and Power System Analysis - Corps Room

Session Chair: Visvakumar Aravinthan

065: Investigating Capacity Credit Sensitivity to Reliability Index
Saad Muaddi, Arun K. Karngala, Ahmad Abuelrub, Chanan Singh

103: Relaxation Based Modeling of GMD Induced Cascading Failures in PowerModelsGMD.jl
Adam Mate, Arthur Barnes, Steven Morley, Jacob Friz-Trillo, Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez, Sean Blake

112: A Decentralized Output Feedback Controller to Improve Power System Damping with Virtual Synchronous Machines
Zhangxin Zhou, Wenzong Wang, Tian Lan, Garng Huang

130: Development of Distributed Model Predictive Control Tools for Power Generation Systems
Liang Sun, Leonardo Escamilla III, Yang Shi, Zhenbo Wang, Sijo Augustine, Olga Lavrova, Satishkuma Ranade

159: Estimating Distribution of Cascaded Outages Using Observed Utility Data and Simulation Modeling
Saikat Das, Zhifang Wang

Session 3.4 - Renewables in Power Systems Economics  - Ross Room

Session Chair: Xingpeng Li

004: Load Following Flexibility of Small Modular Reactors Coupled with Wind Farms in the Presence of Extreme Wind Conditions
Joseph Rolland, Elijah Bloom, Carl Robinson, Hayrettin Bora Karayaka

142: Benchmarking Standard Library and User Defined Models of Renewable Generation
Komal Shetye, Billy Yancey, Thomas Overbye

048: Modeling and Control of Wind Energy Conversion System with Battery Energy Storage System
Mahmoud Badreldien, Yacine Chakhchoukh, Brian Johnson

131: An Energy Management System for Joint Operation of Small-Scale Wind Turbines and Electric Thermal Storage in Isolated Microgrids
Jinshun Su, Payman Dehghanian, Benedict Vergara, Mohammad Heidari Kapourchali

008: Co-Optimizing Operating Cost and Renewable Energy Curtailment in D-FACTS Allocation
Eduardo Castillo Fatule, Yuanrui Sang, Jose Espiritu

Session 3.5 - Electric Vehicles - Hullabaloo Room

Session Chair: Gerald Thomas Heydt

080: Impact of EV charging load uncertainty as Gaussian mixtures model on system performance
Bo Chen, Christine Chen

106: Optimal EV Recharging Navigation Strategy for Long-distance Travel using Multiple Objective Optimization
Izaz Zunnurain, Yuanrui Sang

117: Enhancing Distribution Grid Resilience to Power Outages Using Electric Vehicles in Residential Microgrids
Orlando Quezada Simental, Paras Mandal, Eric Galvan

173: Reactive Power Compensation in a Microgrid Coupled to Electrical Vehicles
Riley Lawson, Khalil Sinjari, Saad Alzahrani

183: Generation Dispatch and Power Grid Emission Impacts of Transportation Electrification
Komal Shetye, Hanyue Li, Jessica Wert, Xiaodan Xu, Alex Meitiv, Ann Xu, Thomas Overbye

Session 3.6 - Demand Response - Laurel Room

Session Chair: Valentina Cecchi

012: Fast Demand Response with Variable Speed Thermal Loads - Towards Universal Modeling for Stability Assessment
Johanna Vorwerk, Uros Markovic, Gabriela Hug

032: Resiliency and Off-Grid Capabilities for Military Bases: Vermont Air National Guard Case Study
Ryan Miller, Birgitta Andersron, Michael Renard, Aaron St. Leger

068: Residential Customer Clustering Based On Household Electricity Load Disaggregation
Kewei Xu, Hao Zhu

174: Increasing PV Self-Consumption Using Electric Water Heater Thermal Capacity
Foad Najafi, Matthias Fripp

Paper Block 4 (Monday, 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM)

Session 4.1 - Distribution System Modeling  - Traditions Room

Session Chair: Visvakumar Aravinthan

020: A Synchrophasor-Based SCADA Testbed
Yi Zhou, Zhengyu Wang, Zhixin Miao, Lingling Fan

092: Data-driven Modeling for Distribution Grids Under Partial Observability
Shanny Lin, Hao Zhu

118: Implementation of Battery EVs and BESS into RAPSim Software to Enrich Power Engineering Education in DER-Integrated Distribution Systems
Travis Newbolt, Paras Mandal, Hongjie Wang

Session 4.2 - Resiliency and Power Systems Analysis III - Reveille Room

Session Chair: Yuanrui Sang

212: Resiliency Planning and Analysis Tool for the Power Grid with Hydro Generation and DERs
Asmita Acharya, Sanjeev Pannala, Anurag Srivastava, Sanjita Bhavirisetty

066: Optimal Skeleton Network Reconfiguration considering Topological Characteristics and Transmission Path
Jin Lu, Xingpeng Li

124: Graph Crossings in Electric Transmission Grids
Adam Birchfield, Thomas Overbye

071: Graph Embeddings for Outage Prediction
Rashid Baembitov, Mladen Kezunovic, Zoran Obradovic

194: Power System Electromechanical Mode Estimation using Lower-Order Recursive Subspace Method
Deepak Pandit, Dilip Pandit, Nga Nguyen, Salem Elsaiah

Session 4.3 - Frequency Control Applications - Corps Room

Session Chair: Tong Huang

006: High Frequency Signals in EHV Power Transmission Systems
Gerald Thomas Heydt

097: Real-time Optimal Dispatch of Behind-the-Meter DERs for Secondary Frequency Regulation
Jitendra Thapa, Mohammad MansourLakouraj, Mukesh Gautam, Michael Abdelmalak, Mohammed Ben-Idris, Hanif Livani

126: Low Frequency AC Transmission Upgrades Considering Varying System Conditions
David Sehloff, Simeng Li, Line Roald

167: A Cooperative Game Theory-based Secondary Frequency Regulation in Distribution Systems
Mukesh Gautam, Narayan Bhusal, Mohammed Ben-Idris, Hanif Livani

067: Phase Identification of Power Distribution Systems using Hierarchical Clustering Methods
Nicholas Zaragoza, Vittal Rao

Session 4.4 - Stability and Power Systems Analysis II  - Ross Room

Session Chair: Mohammed Ben-Idris

078: Dynamic Parameter Validation of 200 MW Solar Site through Staged Testing, Positive Sequence Modeling and Electro Magnetic Transient Modeling
Maysam Esmaily-Radvar, Savio Yeung, Casey Whitt, Seyed Ali Arefifar

134: Transient Stability Prediction Based on Long Short-term Memory Network
Qilin Wang, Chengzong Pang, Hashim Alnami

161: Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Integrated Energy Systems with Nuclear, Renewable, and District Heating
Roshni Jacob, Jubeyer Rahman, Jie Zhang

082: Wideband Parameter Estimation of Single-Phase Frequency Dependent Transmission Lines
Fahad Alqahtani, Ahmad Alshawawreh, Pablo Gomez

Session 4.5 - Microgrids I  - Laurel Room

Session Chair: Olga Lavrova

021: Reliability Assessment of Ring and Radial Microgrid Configurations
Ahmad Abuelrub, Jehad Hedel, Fadi Hamed, Hussein Al-Masri, Chanan Singh

045: Coordinated Steam, Power& Emission Economic Dispatch of Multi-energy Campus Microgrids
Jie Li

052: Water-Energy Co-Optimization for Community-Scale Microgrids
Jesus Silva-Rodriguez, Xingpeng Li

099: A Case Study on Home Microgrid Effectiveness and Resiliency Return on Investment
Matthew Egan, Mohammed Ben-Idris

Session 4.6 - Power Electronics Applications I - Hullabaloo

Session Chair: Mahmoud Kabalan

016: A Fully Decentralized Control Approach for Hybrid Energy Storage System in DC Microgrids Based on Fractional Order Voltage Compensation
M. Shafiul Alam, Fahad Saleh AL-Ismail, Abdullah A. Almehizia, M. A. Abido

018: Weak Grid Operation of A Grid-Following Current-Sourced PV Solar System
Zhengyu Wang, Zhixin Miao, Lingling Fan, Amirnaser Yazdani

109: Maximum Power Point Tracking and Voltage Control in a Solar-PV based DC Microgrid Using Simulink
Frank Miyagishima, Sijo Augustine, Olga Lavrova, Hamed Nademi, Satish Ranade, Matthew J Reno

041: Inner Current Controls of Grid-Connected PV for Unbalanced Grid Conditions
Abdulhakim Alsaif, Zhixin Miao, Lingling Fan

058: A Novel Control Scheme for TransZSI-DVR to Enhance Power Quality in Solar Integrated Networks
Ali Moghassemi, Shayan Ebrahimi, Farzad Ferdowsi

Paper Block 5 (Tuesday, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM)

Session 5.1 - Zoom Session #1 - Laurel Room

Session Chair: Jonathan Snodgrass

026: A Non-Invasive Estimation Technique for Wide Band Grid Thevenin's Impedance
Arundhati Haldar, Riddhi Khatua, Arpan Malkhandi, Nilanjan Senroy, Sukumar Mishra

034: Distribution Load Modeling – Survey of the Industry State, Current Practices and Future Needs
Jouni Peppanen, Miguel Hernandez, Jeremiah Deboever, Matthew Rylander, Matthew J. Reno

195: Deep Learning Models for Predicting Smart Building Load Profiles
Palak Maniar, Revati Gunjal, Shadab Syed, Mohd Adil Sheikh

054: Stochastic Pricing Game for Aggregated Demand Response Considering Comfort Level
Yang Chen, Kadir Amasyali,, Byungkwon Park, Mohammed Olama, Bhagyashri Telsang, Seddik Djouadi

179: Predicting Load Profile for Smart Building Energy Management using Data Driven Approaches
Revati Gunjal, Palak Maniar, Shadab Syed, Adil Sheikh

Session 5.2 - State Estimation in Power Systems - Reveille Room

Session Chair: SOOBAE KIM

139: State Estimation in Smart Grids Using Temporal Graph Convolution Networks
Md Jakir Hossain, Mahshid Rahnamy-Naeini

204: Analysis of Bad Data Processing Methodologies in Power System State Estimation
Sarbajit Basu

116: A Cooperative Game Theory-based Approach to Sizing and Siting of Distributed Energy Resources
Mukesh Gautam, Narayan Bhusal, Mohammed Ben-Idris

Session 5.3 - Machine Learning Applications II - Corps Room

Session Chair: Fengyu Wang

136: Weather-Aware Data-Driven Microgrid Energy Management Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Arman Ghasemi, Amin Shojaeighadikolaei, Morteza Hashemi, Alexandru G Bardas, Reza Ahmadi

137: Neural Network-Based Modeling for A Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell Stack
Innocent Enyekwe, Joseph Holden III, Kwang Y Lee

199: A Hybrid Machine Learning Approach to Wave Energy Forecasting
Naveen Kumar Kodanda Pani, Vijeta Ashok Jha, Linquan Bai, Long Cheng, Tiefu Zhao

206: AI-Driven Security Constrained Unit Commitment Using Eigen Decomposition And Linear Shift Factors
Talha Iqbal

Session 5.4 - Control Applications- Load Management - Ross Room

Session Chair: Irfan Khan

036: Secant Method Applied to Control of HVDC in the Harmonic Domain
Yovanny Ramirez, Abner Ramirez

038: Transmission Congestion Management Via Reactive Power Loss Minimization and Node-Breaker Topology Control
Sogol Babaeinejadsarookolaee, Bernard Lesieutre, Christopher DeMarco

039: Load Balancing in Distribution Circuits Through Phase Swapping
Rafael Castillo Sierra, Line Roald

088: Improvement of Customer Class Load Schedules Utilizing AMI Measurements
Forest Atchison

Session 5.5 - Microgrids II - Hullabaloo Room

Session Chair: Won Jang

060: Microgrid Protection Scheme Testing Using a Relay-Hardware-in-the-Loop Testbed
Victoria Farias, Carissa Cavalieri, Mahmoud Kabalan

143: Structural Controllability Assessment for Inverter-Based Microgrids
Sandip Roy, Sinan Aksoy, Subir Sarker, Peng Wang, Stephen Young

165: Look-Ahead Corrective Restoration for Microgrids with Flexible Boundary
Srayashi Konar, Anurag Srivastava

180: Distributed Secondary Frequency and Voltage Regulation in Islanded Microgrids With Noise Using Intermittent Control
Zhenhua Wang

197: Power Sharing and Stability Assurance using Grid Forming Inverter Control in HVDC Connected Offshore Microgrid Cluster
Faria Kamal

Session 5.6 - Power Electronics Applications II - Traditions Room

Session Chair: Bora Karayaka

74: Control Design for 3-Phase Bidirectional Battery Chargers with Multiple Battery Charging Capabilities for Electric Vehicle Fleet Applications
Queen Okon, Javier Urquizo, Nisha Kondrath, Pritpal Singh

75: Practical Start-Up Process of Multiple Grid-Tied Voltage-Sourced Inverters in Laboratory
Zhengyu Wang, Zhixin Miao, Lingling Fan

209: Model predictive control of grid connected inverters using different discretization strategies.
Mohammed Al-Ali

127: Behavior of a High Inverter-Based Resources Distribution Network with Different Participation Ratios of Grid-Forming and Grid-Following Inverters
Amro Quedan, Wenzong Wang, Deepak Ramasubramanian, Evangelos Farantatos, Sohrab Asgarpoor

081: Grid Forming Inverter: Laboratory-Scale Hardware Test Bed Setup and Weak Grid Operation
Ratik Mittal, Zhixin Miao, Lingling Fan

Paper Block 6 (Tuesday, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM)


Session 6.1 - Zoom Session #2 - Reveille Room

Session Chair: Jonathan Snodgrass

110: Phasor-Based Optimal Voltage Control for Distribution Grids Through D-PMUs and EV Battery Charger
Gabriel Mejia-Ruiz, Romel Cardenas, Mario R. A. Paternina, A. Zamora, C. Toledo-Santos

196: Novel Protection Method for Fully Inverter-Based Distribution System Microgrid
Bilkis Banu

007: Modeling and Simulation of Resistive Superconducting Fault Current Limiter in PSCAD/EMTDC™
Fahd Hariri, Mariesa Crow

189: Is Achieving Net-Zero Carbon Emissions Possible for Electric Utilities with Current Technology?
Sujay Kaloti, Badrul Chowdhury, Faria Kamal, Abdullah Al Mamun

087: Power Sharing and Transient Simulation and Analysis for Ring Bus Architecture with Static UPS
Yuzhi Zhang, Lisa Qi, Taosha Jiang, Harish Suryanarayana, Silvio Colombi, Harry Handlin


Session 6.2 - Zoom Session #3 - Laurel Room

140: A Novel Open Source Power Systems Computational Toolbox
Mazhar Ali, Dmitrii Baluev, Muhammad Hamza Ali, Elena Gryazina

Session 6.3 - Protection, Relays, and Power Systems Analysis II - Ballroom

Session Chair: Tong Huang

022: Fault Location in Meshed Distribution Systems Using a Minimum Number of Digital Fault Recorders
Cesar Galvez, Ali Abur

056: Fault Detection in Three Phase Power Transmission Lines, a TI Microcontroller Implementation, and a VLSI Architecture
Ratik Mittal, Vijay Jain

122: Design and Implementation of Protective Relays Benches
Khalid Daud Khattak, Muhammad Choudhry, Ali Feliachi

009: An Efficient Network Solver for Electromagnetic Transient Simulation of Power Systems Based on Hierarchical Inverse Computation and Modification
Lu Zhang, Bin Wang, P. R. Kumar, Le Xie, Weiping Shi, Vivek Sarin

Session 6.4 - Control Applications in Renewable Energy - Ross Room

Session Chair: Mingxi Liu

025: Decentralized Control Coordination of PV-BSS Systems in Islanded DC Nanogrids
Jie Li

037: Analyzing Photovoltaic's Impact on Conservation Voltage Reduction in Distribution Networks
Rui Cheng, Zhaoyu Wang, Yifei Guo, Fankun Bu

040: Recovering Power Factor Control Settings of Solar PV Inverters from Net Load Data
Samuel Talkington, Santiago Grijalva, Matthew Reno, Joseph Azzolini

055: Transformer Loss of Life Mitigation by Coordinating Energy Storage, EV charging, and PV Generation at Consumer Sites
Milad Soleimani, Mladen Kezunovic

202: Grid Forming Inverter Control in a Type 4 Wind Turbine for Flexible Power Transfer in an Islanded Microgrid
Faria Kamal

Session 6.5 - DER Management - Hullabaloo Room

Session Chair: Ki Yeob Lee

181: CIBECS: Consumer Input Based Electric VehicleCharge Scheduling for a Residential Home
Salman Sadiq Shuvo, Yasin Yilmaz

211: Evaluation of Hybrid Commercial Building Models for Grid Interactive Building Simulations
Akintonde Abbas, Raheem Ariwoola

198: Implementation of CVR in Distribution Networks by Optimal Coordination of BESS and PV Inverters Using Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm
Mojtaba Ahanch, Roy McCann

208: Preliminary Study of the Role of Energy Storage in Mitigating the 2021 Texas Power Outage
Ali Menati, Le Xie

Session 6.6 - Power Electronics Applications III - Traditions Room

Session Chair:  Liang Sun

145: Implementation of a Two-Stage PV System Testbed with Power Reserves for Grid-Support Applications
Victor Daldegan Paduani, Ning Lu

010: Wind Power Generation from Multiple Array Configuration and Efficient Power Integration to Grid
Yakub Sharif

046: Non-PLL Direct Power Control for a Single-Phase Grid-Connected Three-Level Inverter
King Adebo, Junhui Zha, Wensheng Song, Weijia Ma

205: Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Optimal Perturbation for MPPT in Photovoltaics
Salman Sadiq Shuvo, Huruy Gebremariam, Yasin Yilmaz