Precision Medicine: A Revolution in Patient Care 

The Westmead Health and Innovation Precinct has a long-standing history of improving the quality of human life, through the discovery,  development and delivery of world-class healthcare solutions.  Precision medicine, which refers to the customisation of disease treatments based on individualised profiles, stands to revolutionise clinical practice and drastically improve success rates and patient outcomes.

This year it is our pleasure to announce "Precision Medicine: A Revolution in Patient Care", a two-day in person and virtual conference that will showcase the impressive advances being made by local, national and international scientists.  We're excited to be joined by The Honourable Gabrielle Upton (Parliamentary Secretary for the NSW Premier) as well as Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte (NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer) to discuss the NSW Government plan to accelerate research and development, and how it relates to Westmead.  We will also feature a fantastic panel discussion, facilitated by ABC National Medical Reporter Sophie Scott, that will serve as a public forum to discuss pertinent issues surrounding the implementation of precision medicine.

It is a conference not to be missed.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.


Featured Speakers

Dr. Luhan Yang

CEO and Co-Founder of Qihan Biotech.   Listed in Fortune Magazine's "40 under 40" Influential People in Health 2020.


The Hon. Gabrielle Upton

Parliamentary Secretary to the NSW Premier 


Prof. Hugh Durrant-Whyte

NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer 



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