Data Protection User Group  

March 25, 2021 
11:00 AM - 03:15 PM CST

Why Attend?

Join Dell Technologies and AHEAD as we kick off our 2021 Data Protection Series. Share your experiences and let your voice be heard. New and existing customers have the opportunity to virtually collaborate and network with industry peers.

We welcome back "Super Bowl LV Champion Anthony Nelson" to give us his perspective on being a second-year pro baller and not only winning the NFC Championship, but taking on the reigning Super Bowl Champions—Kansas City Chiefs, in a phenomenal 31-9 WIN!

Join us for an entertaining and educational event with lots of cool prizes including yeti’s, apparel, candy boxes, sports memorabilia and Air Pod Pros!




Matt Murphy—Systems Engineering

Dan Fitzgibbons—Manager, Sales


Latest Data Protection Product Updates

David Dampf—Systems Engineering


Special Guest: Super Bowl LV Champions!

Anthony Nelson—Linebacker, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

*Dell Buys You Lunch


Multi-Cloud Solution

Ron Nicholl—Systems Engineering


Protecting Cloud Workloads

Paul Mitchell—Global Technology Office


Replicating to VMC with RecoverPoint

Eli Mercado—Sr. Architect, AHEAD


Wrap-up and Prizes (MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!)

GrubHub will email customers/partners the day before the event. You will need to set up a password the first time, then place your order (a credit of $20 will be in your account).

Any costs beyond your credit will require payment with a personal credit card.

If you have not received the email, please email Roxane Mody directly with your personal email address.