Impact Track Descriptions

Hazard Recognition & Risk Management

Risks abound in today’s rapid-paced work environment. Companies that master the art of identifying and controlling risk, wherever it resides, will win the battle against injuries and illnesses. Hear from speakers on ergonomic and supply chain risk and public security while learning some new tips for risk assessment and planning.


Workforce Communication & Empowerment

Is your workforce empowered to make a difference in your company’s safety performance improvement efforts? Research shows engaged employees help the bottom line. Learn from speakers with diverse perspectives about ways to enlist the help of employees and communicate the value of safety to them.


Training & Competency Development

The first step to an enabled workforce is ensuring they know the safe way to perform their jobs. In safety, employees experience their fair share of training. Does it stick? Learn about the difference between training and education, adult learning theory and training for different generations, then dive into virtual reality and microlearning techniques.

Operational Processes

Managing the safety of day-to-day operations can be daunting. Employers have many tools to deploy to plan for the unknown and uncover clues pointing to incident potential. Speakers will discuss current regulatory concerns and how to handle crisis communications and investigate best practices in observation-based programs, audits and inspections, and managing the safety of multi-employer worksites.

Roadway Safety

Roadway incidents continue to plague our national statistics. Newer risks such as drug legalization and autonomous vehicles warrant ongoing discussion and vigilance while other risks such as distracted driving require a two-pronged approach of driver training and accountability. Come learn the latest in the fight against driving incidents.


Safety Information & Performance Improvement

Many companies generate safety data but may fail to incorporate leading indicators or employee perceptions in the mix. Data collection requires a measurement and analysis plan and every data point should have a purpose. Learn how safety data can be leveraged to inform safety improvement efforts, manage risk, and hold managers accountable for results.

Regulatory Compliance & Technical Topics

A foundation to any safety program is compliance with existing regulations, but “compliant” doesn’t necessarily equate to “safe”. Speakers will cover a variety of topics fro  m electrical safety and machine safeguarding to hearing conservation and HAZWOPER and discuss some of the finer details of implementation of each.


Safety Management Systems

If your company is interested in taking the next step on their safety journey to implement a formal safety management system (SMS) or deploy human and organizational performance (HOP), this session’s speakers will both inspire and provide lessons learned. Plenty of illustrations will help you set your program up to be successful from the start.


Health & Wellbeing

An enabled workforce is one that can bring their whole selves to work every day. Given events of the past year, many companies have been dealing with increases in the number of employees suffering from financial loss, addictions, sleep disturbances and stress. Learn from the experts what businesses can do.


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