FAQ Registration


Can I share my registration with one of my colleagues?

We have set our fee structure around one person per registration, which also will allow the attendee to experience the full value and online interactivity of the platform and programme. Please contact us if you will have one registration and intend that more than one person uses it.

Philanthropy New Zealand is a not for profit that generates income through membership fees, sponsorship, grants, consultancy, and running training and events. The summit is a critical income earner to cover our ongoing operational costs, which is factored into our registration fees.  

What methods of payment are accepted?

Our registration platform accepts credit cards and direct payments which generate an invoice. You’ll have the option to select your preferred payment method as part of the registration process.  

We are offering two types of registration - a funder package and a keynote package.

Can I change or update my registration details if I need?

Yes – you’ll receive a confirmation once your registration and payment has been finalised. This email includes your registration details as well as a ‘modify registration’ link. This link gives you access to the registration portal where you can update your details.

Please note that you’ll need your email address and your booking number to access the portal.