FAQ general


What is the format of Summit 2021?

Summit 2021 is a virtual conference that will run over three days.  It will largely involve online attendance but we are exploring holding regional viewing parties for funders on the first day.

There are two packages available - a funders package and a keynotes package.  The keynotes package is open to all.

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How will the conference run in an online environment?

Summit 2021 will be delivered through interactive online event platforms with a programme specifically designed for the online environment.

You will get access to speakers from around Aotearoa New Zealand and globally to inspire and inform you in your work.

The funders package gives you:

  • Access to six keynote sessions
  • Your choice of interactive workshops to attend
  • Participation in keynote Q&A sessions
  • The opportunity to network and participate in an unconference session
  • Access to our online interactive chat community
  • Recordings of keynote and workshop speakers, where they have given permission
  • A copy of our post-summit magazine capturing key points and insights and links to further relevant information and resources

The keynotes package gives you:

  • Access to six keynote sessions
  • Recordings of keynote sessions, where the speaker has given permission
  • A copy of our post-summit magazine capturing key points and insights and links to further relevant information and resources

Will the sessions be recorded, and will the recordings be available after the event?

Speakers will be recorded where they give permission and these will be available after the event to those registered for those sessions. Attendees will be sent a link to available recordings.

How will I be able to connect with other attendees?

Funders will be able to connect with fellow attendees through online Q&A, facilitated workshop sessions, at the unconference sessions and through the online chat community. 

What to expect from the unconference?

The unconference stream includes five concurrent one-hour slots set aside without a predefined topic. 

On the morning of day two, funder attendees will have the opportunity to propose topics and then vote on their most preferred topics to occupy the unconference session. The unconference gives attendees the opportunity to discuss ideas in an open, flexible and participant-driven space.

Cancellation policy

If you are unable to attend the summit or any associated functions for any reason, we’re happy for someone else to attend in your place. Please try to let us know at least 10 working days beforehand if you can, so we can make sure any special requirements can be catered for.

All cancellations must be advised in writing to PNZ by emailing info@philanthropy.org.nz. 

Cancellations received before 28 March 2021 will be refunded the registration fee minus a $50 administration fee. 

Cancellations received before 3 May 2021 will be refunded the registration fee minus a $150 administration fee.

Cancellations after this date will not be refunded. The full PNZ Cancellation Policy can be viewed here.

Notice of photography

If you would not like to appear in any photos we may use, please email info@philanthropy.org.nz.

No solicitation policy

The summit is an opportunity for people working in the philanthropic sector to share their knowledge and experience, and to learn about best practice in a collegial environment.

It is therefore not appropriate for attendees to solicit funding support or business.

We ask that all attendees respect this “no solicitation” policy to ensure that everyone gets maximum benefit and enjoyment from the summit.

When will speakers be announced?

Speakers will be progressively announced over the next two months. Keep an eye on your emails and this site for speaker announcements.

When can I choose my workshops?

Those on the funders package will receive an email in April inviting you to choose your workshops.

How can I stay updated of programme developments?

When you register for Summit 2021 you will receive the latest updates. PNZ members will receive updates through our usual channels. Non-members can email info@philanthropy.org.nz to be put on the list to receive summit-related updates. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.

What will happen in the event of a Covid-19-related lockdown during the time the Summit is on?

Summit 2021 is online to ensure that in the event of a Covid-19 outbreak we can still offer the philanthropic and grantmaking sector access to insight, inspiration and practical tips and tools. It may be that in the event of Covid-restrictions some or all regional viewing parties are cancelled, if this were to happen participants can participate online.