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"Our mind can't grasp any of it: not the dark, nor the sunset clouds on the horizon, nor the stars; just that extraordinary wrongness, up there, that pulls the eyes toward it. I stared up at the hole in the sky and then at the figures around me, and became gripped by the conviction that my life was over; that I was kneeling in the underworld in the company of all the shades of the dead. It was bitterly cold. A loose wind blew through the darkness. But then came third contact. From the lower edge of the blank, black disk of the dead sun burst a perfect point of brilliance. It leapt and burned, unthinkably fierce and bright.... I'm not a person of faith, but even so, the sun's reappearance as the moon drew away seemed like the first line of Genesis retold."

-Helen Macdonald, NY Times, 2017


Eclipse map courtesy of NationalEclipse.com

Eclipse Information


Have you ever seen a TOTAL eclipse before? If you have, you know that when the last sliver of sunlight disappears the world is magically transformed, with an ethereal beauty you don't see any other time. Even when 99% of the sun is covered, you miss the spectacular effects. So if you haven't seen a total eclipse talk to someone who has, and DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE OF A LIFETIME! The video above gives you a taste of the excitement. The real thing is MUCH more spectacular than any video, but the sound of people reacting will give you an idea. 

We will watch the April 8, 2024 eclipse from the lawn of Horseshoe Bay Resort, about an hour north of Austin Texas. The hotel is right near the center line of the eclipse, where the total phase will last an incredible 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

*Eclipse map courtesy of NationalEclipse.com




Right: The Hubble Telescope being launched into space, by guest speaker Dr. Steve Hawley.



Left: Complimentary Astronomy & Science for Kids weekend sessions available.

Preliminary Agenda