Your Health

The residential portion is an experience of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual transformation. 

You will be sitting on the floor or the ground for the duration of the program. There will be seating accommodations as well.

Some people experience emotional highs and lows during the training. This is normal and you are encouraged to allow yourself to go through the experience and use your free time for processing your experience in a way that suits you. Take time to journal, draw, walk, or find a quiet place to sit and reflect. If you process better by talking, you will have no trouble finding a friendly ear. You are always welcome to reach out to a staff member and share anything you may be going through.

If you currently smoke, drink, or eat meat, you are encouraged to transition out of these habits before you arrive.  You will be expected to strictly refrain from them for the duration of your stay. You will receive an email with tips for transitioning to a vegetarian diet.

Medical Policy

We have a basic first-aid kit in the classroom. An emergency hospital is 18 minutes away. Please bring your medical insurance information with you in case of any unforeseen medical emergencies. If you are on medication of any kind, you need to inform the staff before or when you arrive. Please make sure you bring an adequate supply of your medication with you and do not stop taking your medication under any circumstances. Kundalini Yoga is a powerful practice but should not be used as a substitute for regular and necessary medical care.