Cancellation Policy

For all cancellations, KRI must receive your written request for a refund mailed to KRI, PO Box 1819, Santa Cruz, NM 87567, or faxed to 505-753-5982, or emailed to

Training Program Cancellation Fees for COVID:
    ◼ 100% Full refund of housing and adjusted price of venue fees from training tuition

Training Program Cancellation Fees Regular:
    ◼ Between Dec 1 – February 13: $500 fee
    ◼ After February 13: 50 % of Full Tuition 

Housing Cancellation Fees:
    ◼ Before February 13 $50 fee
    ◼ Between February 13 and April 8 $500 fee
    ◼After April 8 No Refund

Guidelines for being on the land:
Guidelines for Being Here – 
All attendees upon check-in will be asked to present a credit card for a $200.00 HOLD for any incidental charges.  A standard procedure when checking in for all hotel registered guests.
In keeping in harmony with this sacred land, this is a non-smoking property. Guests can walk over to the public access trail or down by the ocean to smoke.  
Group organizer will inform all guests that smoking will be confined only to the smoking tent or access trail.  Evidence of smoking in the guest rooms will incur an additional cleaning fee of $300.
To honor each person’s opportunity to appreciate and enjoy quiet and serenity, 10:30 pm will be lights-out in public areas. We strongly encourage you to use your little key flashlight to take night walks and revel at all the stars. You may also choose to bring a flashlight.
We are truly sustainable and green, growing much of our own food, creating our own power and water.  We DO NOT have any Air Conditioning or refrigerators in any of our guest accommodations or facilities.  Here is an opportunity to come and live lightly on the earth.  There is plenty for use and nothing to waste.  To help honor our sustainability, please turn off lights, fans, computers when you are not using them. 
Since we are organic, we do not use harmful pesticides.  It is best to keep food and food scraps out of rooms as they invite insects and rodents. If you have snacks in your room, ask us for zip loc bags for safe storage.
Maid service is available upon request in the guest rooms.  Please contact us for additional towels..
Rooms that have been abused or are excessively dirty will incur an added cleaning fee of $200 per affected room. 
There will be a $15 fee for any lost room keys or gate openers.
There will be no consumption of alcoholic beverages at the pool or anywhere on the property.  Absolutely NO glassware.