Developing Expert Learners



Building a strong platform for learner growth and development

The term ‘expert learner’ has been used widely for several years, but the deeper understanding of the stages of development towards becoming an expert learner is often not well defined in many learning programmes. Expert learner characteristics and approaches can be developed with the right structure and learning support.

This webinar will consider the core aspects of how to develop an expert learner and review the benefits to individuals and organisations in understanding and developing an expert learning culture.


Delegates attending this webinar will learn about the:

  • Characteristics that constitute an expert learner.
  • Benefits to learners in becoming an expert learner.
  • Benefits of a positive organisational culture towards supporting the development of expert learners.

Target Audience


All providers supporting the development of learning programmes, especially those delivering government-funded programmes and apprenticeships, particularly where a form of independent End Point Assessment is a mandatory requirement.

This webinar is relevant for delivery staff involved in supporting learners on all programmes at all levels; and managers who support the development of learning programmes.

This webinar is not suitable for those who have a sound understanding of the concepts of developing an expert learner and the value to individuals and organisations.