Lourens Leeuwner

Wildlife and Energy Programme Manager, Endangered Wildlife Trust, South Africa


Sarah Chiles

Landscape Infrastructure Advisor, Ewaso Lions & Grevy's Zebra Trust, Kenya


Wendy Collinson-Jonker

Wildlife and Transport Programme Manager, Endangered Wildlife Trust, South Africa
Research Associate: South African Research Chair in Biodiversity Value & Change, School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, University of Venda, South Africa


Members of the ACLIE Advisory Council are professionals of various backgrounds and expertise, drawn from multiple sectors and regions across Africa and the international community. Members provide advisory support on ACLIE’s regional and sectoral engagement, as well as advise on key issues for discussion at plenary level which are Africa and policy relevant. They actively promote ACLIE within their networks and advance the conversation on linear infrastructure and ecosystems in Africa in the run up to the conference and after its conclusion. 


Kishaylin Chetty

Senior Environmental Advisor


South Africa

Lucy Waruingi

Executive Director

African Conservation Centre

Board Chair

Conservation Alliance of Kenya


Glyn Maude


Kalahari Research and Conservation


Stellah Ndiwa

Senior Environment Officer

Kenya Railways Corporation


Kwame Ababio

Senior Programme Officer

African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD)

South Africa

Edith Kahubire

Principal Social Development Officer

African Development Bank

South Africa

Sheila Ashong

Deputy Director

Environmental Protection Agency


Sophie Kutegeka Mbabazi

Chief of Party



Josie Stokes

Principal Ecologist

WSP Australia

Australian Museum Research Associate




Tiana Andriamanana

Executive Director



Chris Dengate


Balmoral Engineering


2021 ACLIE Scientific Review Committee

Members of the ACLIE scientific review committee are drawn from the international community of scientists and practitioners in fields related to linear infrastructure and ecology. The committee ensures that ACLIE upholds scientific best practice. Members review abstract submissions, present on research-informed best practices, and develop and deliver technical training workshops where relevant.


Manisha Bhardwaj

Postdoctoral Researcher

Grimsö Wildlife Research Station, Department of Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


Mahmoud Ibrahim Mahmoud

Principal Environmental Scientist

National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency


Rob Ament

Senior Conservationist

Center for Large Landscape Conservation

Road Ecology Program Manager

Western Transportation Institute, Montana State University


Edson Gandiwa

Director Scientific Service

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority


Gabriella Teren

National Biodiversity and Business Network Manager

Endangered Wildlife Trust

South African

Fernanda Zimmerman Teixeira

Post-doctoral Researcher

Graduate Program in Ecology, Road and Railroad Ecology Group, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul


Bibi Linden

Postdoctoral Researcher

Lajuma Research Centre

South African Research Chair in Biodiversity Value & Change

School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, University of Venda

South Africa

Edwin Tambara

Director of External Affairs

African Wildlife Foundation


Samantha Nicholson

Science Officer: African Lion Database Coordinator

Endangered Wildlife Trust

Member of the African Lion Working Group and the Lion Management Forum

South Africa

Tobias Nyumba

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Development Corridors Partnership Project, African Conservation Centre, and Institute for Climate Change Adaptation, University of Nairobi


Willem Maartin Strauss

Senior Lecturer

Department of Environmental Science, University of South Africa

South Africa


Wendy Collinson

Project Executant: Wildlife and Roads Project, Endangered Wildlife Trust

Field of Expertise: Wildlife and Transport, Animal-vehicle Collisions, Ecology
Country: South Africa 
Phone: +27 11 372 3600 
Email: wendyc@ewt.org.za 
Website: https://www.ewt.org.za/

Lazaros Georgiadis

Biologist and Environmental consultant
Member of the Infra Eco Network Europe (IENE) Steering Committee

Field of Expertise: Large Carnivores, Mitigation Measures, Environmental Policy, Nature Conservation, Education 

Country: Greece 
Phone: +30 697 264 00 62 
E-mail: lazgeo36@gmail.com

Dr Fraser Shilling

ICOET / Road Ecology Center, University of California Davis, USA, Director, Road Ecology Center, University of  California, Davis

Field of Expertise: Transportation Ecology, Aanimal-vehicle Collisions, Sustainable Systems 

Country: USA
Phone: +01 530 752 7859
Email: fmshilling@ucdavis.edu
Website: https://roadecology.ucdavis.edu/

Professor Daniel Parker

University of Mpumalanga - SAWMA, RSA, Associate Professor

Field of Expertise: Large (and Small) Mammals, Biodiversity, Terrestrial Ecology

Country: South Africa 
Phone: +27 13 002 0223 
Email: daniel.parker@ump.ac.za 
Website: https://www.wrmrg.co.za

Sandra Jacobson

Wildlife Biologist, Pacific Southwest Research Station, U.S. Forest Service, Davis, California, USA

Country:  USA
Email:  sjacobson@samarapdx.com

Dr Ali Halajian

Senior Researcher: Department of Biodiversity, University of Limpopo

Field of Expertise: Wildlife Diseases, Parasitology

Country: South Africa 
Phone: +27 718321739 
Email: ali_hal572002@yahoo.com
Website: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ali_Halajian

Dr Aliza le Roux

University of the Free State-Qwaqwa campus, RSA 

Field of Expertise: Behavioural Ecology, Mammalogy, Animal Cognition, Acoustic Communication, Road Ecology 
Country: South Africa 
Phone: +27 58 718 5327 
E-mail: lerouxa3@ufs.ac.za 
Website: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Aliza_Le_Roux

Constant Hoogstad

Senior Manager: Industry Partnerships, Endangered Wildlife Trust, RSA. Chair UN CMS Energy Task Force.

Field of Expertise: Wildlife and Energy Enteractions, Conservation, Wildlife Management, Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Business. 

Country: South Africa 
Phone: +27 823344176 
Email: constanth@ewt.org.za 
Website: https://www.ewt.org.za/

Lourens Leeuwner

Programme Manager: Wildlife and Energy Programme, Endangered Wildlife Trust, RSA

Field of Expertise: Wildlife and Electrical Infrastructure Interactions, Conservation, Renewable Energy 
Country: South Africa 
Phone: +27 21 7998459 
Email: lourensl@ewt.org.za 
Website: https://www.ewt.org.za/

Bibi Linden

Manager Academic Programme, Lajuma Research Centre, RSA

Field of Expertise: Conservation Biology, Animal Behaviour and Ecology

Country: South Africa
Phone: +27 71 1058117
Email: bibi@lajuma.com
Website: www.lajuma.com

Andre Botha

Programme Manager: Vultures for Africa, Endangered Wildlife Trust

Field of Expertise: Vulture and Raptor Biology, Human-Wildlife Conflict and Wildlife Poisoning Intervention, Conservation Training, Conservation Action Planning

Country: South Africa
Phone: +27 08 9625725
Email: andre@ewt.org.za 
Website: https://www.ewt.org.za/

Dr Rodney van der Ree

ANET / Director and Principal Ecologist, Ecology and Infrastructure International / Adjunct Associate Professor, School of BioSciences, The University of Melbourne

Country: Australia
Phone: 0412562429
Email: rvdr@unimelb.edu.au
Website: www.ecologyandinfrastructure.com

Elke Hahn

Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Department of Roads – Planning and Environment 
Member of the Infra Eco Network Europe (IENE) Steering Committee

Field of Expertise: Environmental Impact Assessment, Mitigation, Wildlife and Roads 

Country: Austria
Phone: +43 1 71162 655385 
E-mail: elke.hahn@bmvit.gv.at 
Website: Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Kishaylin Chetty

Senior Environmental Advisor, Environmental Management, Eskom, RSA

Country:  South Africa
Email:  chettykc@eskom.co.za