preparing for the new style ofsted visits this autumn

richard moore, 

richard moore solutions

thurSDAY, 22 OCTOBER 2020 |  10:00 - 11:00 Am



A ‘behind the scenes look’ at how Ofsted will carry out their ‘interim visits’

Ofsted has now announced in detail its plans for carrying out what it calls ‘interim visits’ in the autumn period up to the end of December. At that point, full inspections with graded/progress judgements will recommence on 1st January 2021.

Whilst the visits are being billed by Ofsted as ‘professional discussions’ during which inspectors will not make any judgements or change any grades, providers will undoubtedly want to put their best foot forward and show themselves off to the best of their ability. Particularly those who currently ‘require improvement’ and who can expect a full inspection early in the spring term.

This webinar will tell you how to do just that and how to avoid the consequences of Ofsted having serious concerns about your provision at the end of one of these visits.  




At the end of this webinar, you will have learned about:

  • Why the visits are taking place and their purpose.
  • Who is in scope for them. 
  • What will, and will not, happen during the visits. 
  • The planning required for them. 
  • The deferral guidelines applicable to the visits.
  • The methodology of the visits and what they will want to examine in detail. 
  • The new guidance and other government initiatives and your response that inspectors will discuss with you. 
  • What happens at the end of, and after, an interim visit. 



Target Audience


Senior leaders and managers responsible for managing all aspects of the education and training provision and learner experience within those providers in scope for an interim visit; in particular, those nominated senior members of staff who will act as the provider’s main link with the inspectors carrying out the visits. 

Please note this webinar is not for those new providers who failed their first short monitoring visit. When inspected again by Ofsted in the autumn, they will receive another short monitoring visit carried out in the same way as the first visit. The process for a short monitoring visit is covered in a separate webinar delivered by the AELP. They will receive another short monitoring visit carried out in the same way as the first visit.