Global Summit on women & girls

with bleeding disorders


This WFH Global summit on women and girls with bleeding disorders will bring together women with different bleeding disorders, patient representatives, supporters, and healthcare professionals from around the world to exchange on the realities of care and treatment around the world for these patients.

During this two and a half days virtual meeting, the global bleeding disorder community will be able to learn and hear about women's experiences with diagnosis and management, how women are advocating for better care, and the ways they are getting their voices heard.

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July 8 - 10, 2021



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We believe that where you live should not determine your access to care.

Bleeding disorders do not discriminate—they affect individuals and families everywhere. Left untreated, bleeding disorders can lead to debilitating injury and can even become life-threatening.

Through our global network of national member organizations (NMOs), we work to ensure that every person—including those living with hemophilia and von Willebrand disease, those with rare factor deficiencies and women with bleeding disorders—is accurately diagnosed and properly treated.

The reality is that many of those affected still receive inadequate care or no treatment at all.

You can partner with us to change that.

Please take action to support the global bleeding disorders community during this crisis and to continue working towards Treatment for All.