Cyber Security and Recovery Experience

Featuring Ethical Hacker Samy Kamkar  

October 8, 2020 
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST

Why Attend?

Join Dell Technologies and Intel to learn more about Cyber Security & Recovery. Coincident with the COVID-19 pandemic, agencies are finding that online threats have risen by 4000%! According to a NY Times article, the frequency of Ransomware attacks continues to grow:


  • In 2019, 205,280 organizations submitted files that had been hacked in a ransomware attack—a 41% YoY increase
  • Average ransomware payment jumped to $190,946—with several organizations facing demands in the millions of dollars.
  • What we find most concerning is that it causes not just direct costs, but also indirect costs of lost operations” said Herbert Stapleton, Cyber Division Section Chief at Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

We welcome Special Guest Ethical Hacker Samy Kamkar—Security Researcher, co-founder of Openpath Security, and author of the MySpace worm (the fastest spreading virus of all time); and Dell Technologies’ David Finley—Cyber Security/Recovery Strategy, Global Technology Office.



Welcome Note

Jim Clancy—Sr. Vice President, Global Data Protection Sales


Samy Kamkar—Ethical Hacker and Security Researcher, co-founder of Openpath Security, and author of the MySpace worm

David FinleyCyber Security/Recovery Strategy, Global Technology Office


Trivia Challenge *


Closing Remarks & Trivia Challenge Winners

Stefano Cugno—Sr. Director Sales

Samy will highlight some of the insecurities and privacy implications in everyday technologies; followed by an interactive Q&A session with Samy and David addressing how PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provides an air-gapped solution providing comprehensive protection against Ransomware, malware, and insider threats.

If you are interested in asking Samy a question, you can add that during the registration process.

Look forward to seeing you online!

* Prizes include 10 – $100 gift cards during the Trivia Challenge event.