How do I change my name in Zoom?

Please change your name in Zoom to show your first and last name in order to receive CE credit for the sessions.

Check out this link for tips on how to do it!

Where do I find the links to join the live sessions?

1. Go to or the event homepage and click on the white Join Virtual Convention Sessions button. You will be redirected to a page with your Name and each session you registered for. 

2. Click on the Date across the top menu tabs to view each of the sessions you are registered for on that day. The sessions will display below.  

3. To the right of the sessions you will see Join button. (See example image below) That button will be active and turn blue approximately 25 minutes before each session begins. 


Can I change my sessions at any time?

You can change your sessions at any time by simply going to the webiste home page and clicking the modify registration button. Please keep in mind once you click into the virtual convention, sessions must still be edited outside that tab. There will be a modify registration link inside the lobby as well.   


How many hours of CE can I get?

Each session worth one hour of continuing education with the exception of "Zoom How to" and IAR 360. There are over 30 sessions to choose from. Sessions will only be available in real time. 


How will I get my course certificates?

Certificates will be available after October 15th by logging onto 'My Account' at, going to events, then my classes. 


Rules & Tips for Virtual Classes

When you join the Zoom CE session you will be muted. Please remain on mute unless you are asking a question of the Speaker. You will be able to use the Chat function in Zoom to ask a question.

  • A live camera and microphone are required. Your Name should be showing in your Zoom profile in order to receive CE credit.
  • Please remain seated. No moving around, no driving, no talking to others.
  • We treat this just like a classroom. If you login to a CE session and decide to leave, you will not receive credit if you try to log back in, unless there is technical difficulty and working with IAR staff.
  • Everyone needs to have their own screen in order to receive CE credit.
  • If you have difficulty during the Virtual Convention, please email IAR staff at
  • Each session is one hour in length with the exception of the IAR 360.
  • Each session is only available in real time. No recordings will be shared later.
  • Certificates will be available after October 15th by logging onto 'My Account' at, going to events, then my classes.