The annual APAC workshop began in 2008, as one step towards filling a large hole in postgraduate clinical training. Many paediatricians, emergency department physicians and surgeons lack confidence and experience in child protection. Many trainees embark on a consultant career with little hands-on experience in the management of suspected physical abuse. Most have received no specific training around the court experience, have never appeared as an expert witness and feel extremely nervous about doing so.

Those who diagnose child abuse should be well-trained, careful, objective and embedded in a multi-disciplinary process. Solo or idiosyncratic practice easily becomes unsafe. Although the workshop is based on practice at Starship Children’s Hospital (New Zealand’s tertiary children’s hospital) and explicitly draws on the expertise of a wide range of professional disciplines, we aim to model an approach which can be adapted to every clinical context. read more......





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APAC 2021 Workshop
23-24 August 2021